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Half of the Spanish cinemas, digital | Technology

August 29, 2013 – 08:54

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56.3% of all Spanish cinema halls already have digital projector, according to the latest film yearbook AIMC. Already 2, 148 rooms with digital projector, an increase of 540 screens in one year (14.9 percentage points) . By local, 374 (50.2%) have at least a digital room.

Spain has 904 rooms with a capacity to project in 3D, representing 23.7% of the total. These data show a stabilization of this type of rooms over 2012 (+17 and +0.9 points).

Communities with more rooms these guys are Catalonia (398 and 170 digital screens in 3D), Madrid (381 and 147) and Andalusia (267 and 111). At the other extreme are La Rioja (19 digital and 8 3D), Cantabria (14 and 8) and Ceuta and Melilla with.

In relative terms, the communities where digital screens now represent more than two thirds are: Madrid (74.4%), Basque Country (69.7%), Castilla y Leon (69.6%), Canarias (69.4 %), Asturias (68.9%) and Extremadura (66.7%). By contrast, Balearic Islands (44.6%), Ontario (39.7%), Cantabria (36.8%) and Ceuta and Melilla (12.5%) are the regions that have a lower proportion of digital screens .

The communities with the largest number of rooms are Catalonia (737), Andalucia (673) and Madrid (512), which grouped together half of those in Spain. As for the ranking of provinces Madrid with 512 rooms is in first position, followed by Barcelona (502), Valencia (199), Alicante (184), Seville (157) and Malaga (156).


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