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August 29, 2013 – 00:34

But who was there in the backstage of concerts by the bed of the girl Keith Richards,the eve of the death of Tupac Shakur,one of the last studio recordings of the band Oasis? Photographers,and they are many. Stories,memories,times became legendary "hanging" and immortalized by the cameras.

(Photo by Jerry Schatzberg)

Since 10 November,the "Auckland Art Gallery" in his home in the "Who Shot Rock and Roll" exhibition,came directly from Brooklyn,United States.The exhibition presents 173 images artists rock,pop and hip pop.More than 100 photographers have contributed to this incredible historiography images,such as French David LaChapelle,Annie Leibovitz,Linda McCartney,Diane Arbus,Dennis Hopper and Albert Watson.

You will immediately be swept away by the madness that drives all fans when Elvis' voice will be heard even before entering the room of the "exhibition",transformed into electrical enclosure of glory and fame.A giant overhead diffuse movements and intonations so characteristic of her husky voice and comforting.First thrills.Many clichés honor the "King" but the most representative of his career is probably the one where he is sitting alone in a theater.Elvis never went to college but that is thousands of students who cheer and idolâtreront.A little revenge.

(Photo: Ian Dickson)

Throughout the "exhibition" to navigate between the periods,the master of time we become,we judge by these expressions,poses,impressions,looks,part of the history of music. We realize some changes in customs when you come across pictures of the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Marilyn Manson posing naked.Art and music are appreciated and explode without limits or standards from dictating their behavior.It could even be convinced to look spontaneous behavior "caught" caught in the act by the photographers,the music gradually healed society.But it would,perhaps,too much.

(Photo: Danny Clinch)

This experience "frozen" music,this overall picture,provided extensive representation of the art that is truly music.It also exposes its shortcomings,its releases and hassle but more importantly,its illusion.Or almost.Most photographs were taken at a time when journalists do not necessarily have to be a "media pass" to enter backstage.The viewer vacillates between deep desire to believe in a natural protagonists appearing in the photo and millimeter poses.But others have duly explained explanation.

Tupac Shakur,shirtless,tattooed or bruised?He does not look the goal,his eyes almost (already) inert and sterile.However,one can easily detect his shame,which he really does not believe,and thus his message becomes clear: "Do I Survive until dawn to see the sun If? -you-please Lord,forgive me my sins because here I am. "(From the album "Me against the world").We can not say that Tupac is hesitant,displaying his will: "When I die,I want to become a living legend." (From the album "All eyez on me".)

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