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August 29, 2013 – 00:34

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Taipei flash choir sang songs to make both sides

Taipei has a flash choir! A group of volunteers posing as customers favorite music, mixed with Taipei 101 food court of the crowd. Suddenly the music sounded, volunteers have joined the chorus hits on both sides, including the Green Island Serenade, jasmine, Spring Breeze, and Chinatrust. Great sense of surprise diners, ...

Painting lifelike robot works

Movie "I, Robot" intelligent robot can draw your own dreams. Today, there are American companies developed a similar painting robot "e-David." "E-David" program with the general preprogrammed robots are different, it is apparent based on painting ...

Blind people's self-portrait

Tommy Edison already born blind, his perception of things are from other senses, but that does not mean he is not capable of painting, recently he has in the film demonstrates how his paintings. He said, in the plane of the paper, depicting their experience three-dimensional world is quite ...

Vibration windows users are not off the broadcast advertising

German advertising companies to develop new advertising methods, the use of bone conduction (bone conduction) technology, high-frequency vibration train windows, when passengers rely on the window, the advertising information will be through the skull resonance, reached the ears of the passengers, and the people around him but can not hear anything. ...

Ladies, do not be shy to face the camera

Following the acclaimed Dove "Real Beauty" experiment, shoot again to the theme of female self-image advertising "Camera Shy." Ms. Duan ad shoot more immediate reaction when facing the camera, they are shy avoidance lens, some with both hands ...

The stranger took a family portrait

Even nowadays communications technology developed, but the person who lives in a foreign land for a long time, can not help but still miss the distant home. In view of this, Skype invited Singaporean artist Wangchun Long (John Clang), redo his predecessor "Being Together", ...

Play in Cambridge "City Rush"

"As long as you overcome your fears, you can overcome all obstacles." This is extreme sport Parkour purpose. Parkour in everyday life environment for the sports facilities, the player depending on roofs, railings, fences, as a secondary or obstructions, and in the meantime running and jumping quickly walk through. ...

The world's most Cheap person

"The meanest man in the world" (Cheapest Man In the World) by the United States Huntington, Roy Haynes deserved. His wife, in order to avoid consumer, the credit card frozen in the refrigerator, put the letter ...

Brazilian version of "Dumb Ways to Die"

Melbourne last year hit subway ads "Dumb Ways to Die", the Cannes Advertising Festival has just swept multiple awards. Rio de Janeiro users, but also for their city create new versions. Songs remind local residents carefully on the surface, but the actual vent to the city ...

British band Travis winter breathe into light MV

Tired of TVB since the words from the singing style of the MV yet? Recently, the famous British band Travis for the new song "Moving" production MV, movie simply breathe into the use of the winter fog principle, the use of light projected by the projector, whenever the band members vigorously exhale ...

Source: thehousenews.com

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