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August 29, 2013 – 00:36

Kindermann Famulus reflex T | Famulus reflex T Art. Nr. 6089

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"Good" business compatible lamps:

In the automotive sector, for example, spare parts that are not original manufacturer are banned in Europe. The legislation has provided nothing for lamps projectors. This is why generic lamps (or compatible) are an especially good deal for sellers. However, for the consumer, the consequences can be far less rosy: short life, premature failure or explosion of the lamp, the projector failure, loss of warranty ... For most of us, buying a new lamp is a major expense, and before the oversupply on the internet can obviously be tempted to find the cheapest at all costs.

Here's how we could offer you cheaper lamps:
- Propose compatible / generic lamps,
- Do not have your lamp sotck but you offer within 2-5 days
(Even if the time is still largely exceeded)
- Reduce the warranty period 1-3 months
- Charge the shipping.

There is much confusion about replacement lamps available on the market and many dealers do not clearly mention the differences on their sites. Of course this means that the consumer has to guess by itself what it is. That is why we encourage you to read the tips that we offer on our site, which will allow you to make the right choice, and do not know the same fate as many neophytes consumers

Found on the internet
a lamp compatible 203.00 instead of 245.00 euros for the original lamp. Purchase compatible lamp 203, 00 EUR Lamp failure after a few weeks of use Buying a new lamp original this time 245.00 euros Total cost of the operation: 448 euros!

Why ALL SITES selling compatible lamps ALSO sell original lamps Yes, one may wonder why, when they announce "compatible projector lamps have been developed with a high level of control and test the performance of video projector ". So why also sell original lamps because compatible lamps are also interesting The answer is very simple: to sell to professionals. The professionals are not interested in the compatible lamps. At each reflect on why media professionals do not use compatible lamps ... In fact, 9 out of 10 times, the first question of a professional client who contacts us is: "What are the original lamps." What we are always proud to answer: "Yes, we do not sell compatible".

Counterfeiting: even on the internet, the best and cheapest does not exist: beware of offers too good! At a much lower price for an original lamp, you could actually buy a copy of the original lamp (compatible or generic) which is also available on the website of your local dealer. A lamp sold as "original lamp" with a short warranty period may also be a clue. We make no generic lamp / Compatible on our site.

Make sure that the brand is clearly on the box and the words "original lamp", "original lamp" or "original lamp." If in doubt, contact your dealer, he may be "deceived when sending" as we often read!

JUST LAMPS is a member of the international organization

Genuine Lamps Alliance

Source: www.rienquedeslampes.fr

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