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August 29, 2013 – 09:03

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OVERHEAD 3M Mod.2660

The Get Up and Go Technology for people always around

small but powerful, this projector ceiling by about 6 Kg ultra accessorized has 3 lenses to give a sharper image on the market. 2500 lumens of brightness and a varifocal lens ensures clarity and sharpness, and thanks to the great ease of lamp change'll never have to grope in the dark to replace a bulb. Just turn a lever to get back to work!

Optical Performance: Lighting 2, 500 ANSI lumens

Opening the lamp 286 mm x 286 mm - Lamp - Lamp-Extractor Replacement Lamp type Lamp FNT (24 volts, 275 watts) - Lamp life 50 hours

Physical Characteristics: Weight Approx 6 Kg

Length of power cable 3 m


Stop lamp switch the power to the lamp during replacement to prevent breakage.

Thermal protection circuit interrupts the power supply to the lamp if the projector exceeds the temperature range limit.

OVERHEAD 3M Mod.1750

The 3M Overhead Projector Model 1750 Standard line is robust and extremely reliable in performance. Thanks to the high level of brightness (4500AL) and focal length is ideal for use in large meeting rooms. Can be placed from a minimum of 140cm (with screen size of 127x127cm) to a maximum of 357cm away (with screen size of 243x243cm) from the screen. In addition to changing the lamp, which allows you to turn a spare lamp in case that you use in fulminasse without interrupting the presentation, this board has some specific characteristics that distinguish it from other models in the series. In particular, the head of the board is re-sealable clamshell to help protect the lens from dust and scratches during transport and storage.

Characteristics, common to other models are the economizer, the tuner of the color and the folding arm. The extension of the 50% saving lamp life and saves energy.

The tuner of color eliminates halos of light blue or brown the edges of the schermo.Il foldable arm for easier transport and storage.

4500 ansi lumens - Lens (mm / lens) Triple Lens 310 mm - Lamp (V / W) 36V/400W - Changing Lamp Weight (lbs) 13.1 lbs - Folding Arm - Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 382 x 401 mm - Voltage 230V / 50Hz - Tuning the color - Working table size 285 x 285 mm-saver - Noise level 45dB - CE, NEMKO

Source: www.tecnomarket.it

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