Künstlerhof Wyand. Event location. Wedding service. Board. Seminars.

August 29, 2013 – 10:10

Artist-yard Wyand.Event location.Weddings.Board.Seminars.Creative Workshop

Artist-yard Wyand

Event location with the special atmosphere in the country

Welcome to artist-yard Wyand.- You can celebrate properly!

The artist-yard hall has been created from the former barn and now provides the perfect event venue for your ceremony / seminars up to 100 people.The cozy,liebevoill designed "party room" is about 200 square meters and seating can be arranged according to their own design-wishes.The Festival Hall is equipped with a kitchen area with breakfast bar and several refrigerators. Music system,screen,projector,flipchart,whiteboard,overhead projector,...different coffee-maker,thermos flasks,dishes,cutlery,glasses,tablecloths,white chair slipcovers & fabric napkins,decorative requirements,...are available.

genutzt werden. A separate room can be used as a breakfast room.

For children,table football,table tennis,playground and corner sofa available.

an,der im Sommer durch Markisen beschattet werden kann. The hard-hall includes a large balcony, which can be shaded by awnings in summer.

,der mit Märchen-Brunnen,Grill-Ecke,Kinder-Spielplatz,Park-Bänken,Sitzgruppen,Sonnen-Schirmen,Pavillons und Liegestühlen zum Verweilen einlädt. From the balcony we continue in the beautiful,landscaped garden where guests with fairytale fountain,barbecue area,children's playground,park benches,seating areas,sun umbrellas,gazebos and sun loungers to relax.Even Garden weddings are celebrated artists in farm-garden.The large paved yard space can be used as a play area or for parties.

- sowie auch den Preis! Design your ceremony according to your needs - as well as the price!

Apply yourself to plan,or let us use one of us.

With years of successful experience that your event!

They celebrate with us in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by beautiful nature.

"You really celebrate!"

Your event at the artist-Hof is a unique experience!

Also look under "Künstlerhof Wyand 2013 you tube" the slideshows of our Location

(See link list): www youtube com / watch v = 04KYmkOXM2k.?

Welcome to artist-yard Wyand

. Fax: 09107 - 1254 . 90616 Neuhof - subfield Brecht 13 Tel: 09107-1473 Fax:.. 09107-1254.

Email kuenstlerhof@t-online.de .Internet:

Artist-yard Wyand.Event location.Weddings.Board.Seminars.Creative Workshop

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  • Avatar Mommy of 2) Where can I find a projector for rent for my project? Not a movie projector.?
    Jul 17, 2008 by Mommy of 2) | Posted in Painting

    Like the ones they use in school that you put an image on and it shows it on the wall. NOT A MOVIE PROJECTOR. You think a library might have one??
    I want to paint a mural on my sons wall. I have found murals you can buy online and the one I like is 700 dollers. I printed in on a transparancy and tried to use a a lamp but that doesn't work..

    • You might be able to rent one from a business center. I have rented them for hotel conferences many years ago.
      Another option is to enlarge the image you have using the grid system. Draw grid lines in the original …transfer the image, drawing the shapes in each square. For example a 1/2 inch square on the orignal, would be a 6 inch square on the wall. That's the way a professional muralist would do it. That's the way I would do it.