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Dirty Beaches, overhead projector

(Updated: ) Blues. Samplant rockabilly and doo-wop, the electrifying Taiwanese Vancouver concert and CD.

Alex Zhang Hungtai, aka Dirty Beaches in July. - Julien Mignot

"Disgusting Beaches" is the name that was given Alex Zhang Hungtai, Taiwanese based in Vancouver, Canada, to break into the rock: Dirty Beaches. Sounds good. This character of sulky and lonely hero, arms covered with tattoos of dragons, black hair carefully spread with gomina is an electrifying feeling that seems to come from a karaoke bar in Taipei for bad-boy in Hawaiian shirt Goodbye South Goodbye Hsio Hsien Hou. Scooters, palm trees, concrete blocks still in the sticky air heat ...

EP aligning the chain for five years (True Blue, Golden Desert Sun ...), this mysterious young man released in early September, his first album, Badlands: new songs that seem to have been recorded with faulty microphones broken instruments on the bottom of a cellar soybeans.

The tone is set from the outset with Lord Knows Best, on a sample of Voilà, Françoise Hardy, a mixture of arty for botching crooner in the twilight of a gambling hall Durassian. The rest (Sweet 17 Black Nylon, True Blue ...) file at full speed, littered with broken bottles and larsens, combining skeletal rockabilly and doo-wop liquefied, all passed through the filter disk as a huge wall of fog or picked up by the hearing of a catfish at the bottom of an aquarium.

. Gestures on stage appearances of Dirty Beaches, mostly alone, but sometimes escorted by a saxophonist beret, give the full measure of a stylish and sexual singer: wrapped in black jeans, is repainting between songs , spitting on glaviots fan club swoon, he alternates cooing Baritones way Presley in Vegas and cries of animals being slaughtered, in delicate gestures and brutally shaken epileptic spasms. Jim Jarmusch citing as one of his favorite references (and counting David Lynch among its admirers), Alex Zhang Hungtai works his performances as happenings, and the songs are built as a synopsis is written. Each displays a setting, plot, effects and ellipses: "I have an idea in mind, the image of a character or a particular scene, and I'm starting to do research on the sounds and images that I 'would be implemented, which is similar to casting for a film. From there, I started working on the story and I developed a little more character, "he said on

The similarities with Alan Vega and Suicide are also striking on the edge of pure imitation times. Hungtai obviously recognizes this relationship, he listened to Suicide for the first time ten years ago when he was in college: "The first song I heard was Frankie Teardrop, it was scary, terrifying, and I was really upset, "he says in another interview. Find this fear, recreate from an experimental patching a lot of influences, archives, postures, stacks of old pots for eternal good sound soup is what accomplishes this Chinese exiled fed American mythology, and it is not always easy to understand by what means he overcomes a simple formalism post-lo-fi limits. Something in him survive the trappings, the dead language of rock, the syntactic work itself. By endorsing the legacy, he also agrees to start all over again, as if nothing had existed before him or will exist after.

Galaxy. Independent, Dirty Beaches has made ​​himself known in patiently building a network of international contacts via the Web. There is present through a generous blog ( full songs download in the galaxy of artists he loves and defends (Ela Orlean, Cough Cool or implausible Bernardino Femminielli) of even on his Twitter feed where he launched appeals for help unwanted, "Is anyone can tell me where I can buy the organic apple cider vinegar to Paris? I am poisoned. Help me ... "It happens.


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