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August 29, 2013 – 10:10

Aids for use in the classroom

The location for the overhead projector should always be chosen so that all course and seminar participants can see the projected image is good and the unit price by the square of the line is easy to reach. As a projection to a projection screen is like a bright, smooth and color wall.

The overhead projector has methodological advantages:
Sets the course management such a device, it always turns her face to the participants and can keep eye contact to the group. The device can be switched off at any time and therefore attention is directed to only the word or other medium.
Important points are shown with the help of a little more stick, a pencil or pen on the inspection sheet. The use of a finger is to be avoided since it to a complete covering of the film may come with the hand. The course instructor has to stand next to the device, otherwise the projection is prevented.
With an overhead projector transparencies can also be prepared with outlines, texts and illustrations as well as illustrations own use. Special pens for writing or for painting the films are available in stationery stores (water-soluble, water-resistant, different strengths). Films can be designed or contents / representations from such books are copied to film with a copier with the help of a PC. In these cases it is important to be careful to use the right film for the device (printer, copier).

Film appearance

  • clean
  • easy to read
  • clearly designed
  • comprehensible
  • response (target group - subject matter, optics)
  • color (if possible)

Tips for creating films

  • first develop a concept for the presentation (content, structure, structure and design of the film)
  • continuous use portrait or landscape format
  • All films should have a uniform layout
  • clear, concise, structured
  • "Scent mark" (eg logo VHS)
  • Heading
  • Subheading
  • Structure, information field content
  • Footer (eg Name)
  • use a font
  • Avoid abbreviations
  • not describe to the brim
  • Font size at least 16 point, 20 point better
  • maximum of three font sizes
  • maximum of three colors
  • Red heat, close, exciting
  • Blue cold, distant, but also relaxing
  • Green hope, reassuring
  • Yellow bright, light, amusing
  • White light, pure silence, emptiness
  • Gray lifeless, characterless
  • Brown familiar, comfortable
  • Violet irrelevant, ambiguous
  • Orange energy, heat
  • Black distance, hard, tight, hard


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There are two kinds of "overhead projectors"

Opaque and transparency.
The opaque is probably what you are thinking of. The ones schools use are quite large boxes (I used one at Theatre/Theater and Bindlestiff Studios to create billboards for productions)
There are smaller ones like the Artograph I got from Pearl that only handle 7x7 inch images.
I haven't been able to find the old-fashioned box-monsters online. All I can find are the modern compacts like the Buhl Mark IV Opus. A thousand dollars! Argh!
Try eBay and Google looking for Opaque Overhead Projector. Your local library may even rent them.
Hope this helps.

Can you hear me now?  — Computerworld
It's more than usually confusing because he's using the overhead projector while sitting at right angles to the screen, because that's how the PC, keyboard and monitor are placed, so he really doesn't need any extra distractions.

Lubbock artist sculpts roadrunner for UTSA  — MYfoxLUBBOCK.COM
He started by taking a picture of a road runner in his front yard. "I took a picture of a road runner. Had it blown up to twelve inches tall and two foot long. And put it on an overhead projector and threw it on the wall.

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