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August 29, 2013 – 10:09


Projector Optional Description Projector can be used under normal use for several years, when the purchase of commercial projectors, forward-looking product is quite important to have more than 80% in Europe and America as xGA models, webmaster is strongly recommended to buy xGA level models, resolution increase nearly into, then by use of the environment and the size of the select number of lumens (brightness).

For large users, consumables (bulbs) price, is another place to note, in particular, clearing some older models, but the price of light bulbs will make people surprised, before the proposed purchase Ask lamp prices. Apple's digital network projector lamp price transparency, can be used as a reference before purchasing.

Portable projector Ultra-lightweight (less than 1.5kg) Featherweight (less than 2kg) lightweight (less than 3kg)

High brightness projectors from 2000 to 3000 lumens 3000 lumens or more

DLP Series XGA | SVGA | family drama with a special machine

LCD Series XGA | SVGA | family drama with a special machine

Source: www.fuji.com.tw

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This is exactly

What I did. I got a bulb from an overhead projector that matches the output of the LCD projector. I made my own bracket and it works absolutely perfect and the only mod I had to do is use some tin snips, a Dremel, and some wire to mount the thing.
The bulb was completely free, where my dad works they have a HUGE box of replacement bulbs. He asked if he could take one and his boss just laughed. Man I love Craigslist!

Can you hear me now?  — Computerworld
It's more than usually confusing because he's using the overhead projector while sitting at right angles to the screen, because that's how the PC, keyboard and monitor are placed, so he really doesn't need any extra distractions.

Lubbock artist sculpts roadrunner for UTSA  — MYfoxLUBBOCK.COM
He started by taking a picture of a road runner in his front yard. "I took a picture of a road runner. Had it blown up to twelve inches tall and two foot long. And put it on an overhead projector and threw it on the wall.

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  • Avatar Mommy of 2) Where can I find a projector for rent for my project? Not a movie projector.?
    Jul 17, 2008 by Mommy of 2) | Posted in Painting

    Like the ones they use in school that you put an image on and it shows it on the wall. NOT A MOVIE PROJECTOR. You think a library might have one??
    I want to paint a mural on my sons wall. I have found murals you can buy online and the one I like is 700 dollers. I printed in on a transparancy and tried to use a a lamp but that doesn't work..

    • You might be able to rent one from a business center. I have rented them for hotel conferences many years ago.
      Another option is to enlarge the image you have using the grid system. Draw grid lines in the original …transfer the image, drawing the shapes in each square. For example a 1/2 inch square on the orignal, would be a 6 inch square on the wall. That's the way a professional muralist would do it. That's the way I would do it.

  • Avatar gason2 Recommend a HD tuner for my Projector?
    Sep 01, 2009 by gason2 | Posted in Home Theater

    I am looking into getting one of these three 720P DLP Projectors and I will need to upgrade my tuner to handle HD. First off, which of these two projectors would you go with? Would you recommend another? I'm not ready … projection tv to an overhead projector? Thanks.
    The reason I'd rather not get 1080P; more $, I'd have to buy a pricey blueray player plus blueray discs and I'd also have to upgrade my dish to HD which is too much

    • I have the Samsung DTB-H260F, works great using HDMI output to my projector:
      not get the 1080p Optoma HD20? In stock at Amazon, free shipping:
      have a 720p projector, which works well, but I will be upgrading to a 1080p soon. Twice the pixels makes a huge difference, especially if you have a big screen.