A very beary winter reading

February 16, 2011 – 00:00

A very beary winter reading

"Little Brown Bear,what do you dream?"is one of the stories that are read by Karin Derks.

Karin Derks are Moers and on the TiM - but of its annual children's readings they can not leave.

Over 30 years was Karin Derks for the mortar TiM theater.Although the era of this children's theater came to an end recently,and its inventor has retired from Moers,in the Black Forest,the children do not have to dispense with all the ingenuity of the music teacher: For the annual "Moers reading winter" them remains Karin Derks received .And she makes at the 16thSupport for children from four years exactly what she has done all these years: tell beautiful and exciting stories.There is also a raffle where the kids can win small prizes.

Together with the city library four different readings will be offered this winter,each shown three times.On 17,19and 20January can experience a "friend forever" by Kathryn Brown and Diane Fox the little ones.In this story,a bear has first pitch: From its cozy hibernation nothing seems to be,because a fox caught him in a debate about the most beautiful season.Is it really winter?Not more of the spring?Or the summer?Or the fall?To call the bet,the two friends most beautiful memories of the different growing seasons.But then they realize: The best time is the one in which you sit with a good friend ... Special elements are years songs that do not know many more children today.

In February (14th,16th and 17th) is again a bear in the middle of a reading Winter story."Who has time for the little bear" is about the fast paced world of the "big ones" and the handling of children with it.To complete the Bears in this year's winter,is the book "Little Brown Bear,what do you dream?" On the 14th,16thand 17March completion.It is about the "umbilical cord" of the parents.

Overhead projector beamer instead of Karin Derks sets the films prefer to hand.

The children in the readings by the way not only listen,but they are also required by interactive elements like songs.Karin Derks also supports the readings with images from the overhead projector."It makes the children such an impression that even a girl advertised as a film exchange speaker with me." When reading winter,everything is already handmade: Even the background music is not from a CD from the store,but from the pen of the mortar musician and composer Heinz Witte.Incidentally,not only children regulars at the readings.Many adults also enjoy the beautiful stories.And some kids are already great regulars."If one then always knows all the twists beforehand,then I must intervene before: Henning,betrayed nothing - only if the kids don` t know,"Karin Derks says with a smile. The reading winter may be a worth preserving equipment for the children,for Karin Derks she is definitely: "A matter of the heart, " she says himself knows the library educator Ina Wilmsmann who organized the reading winter: "The cooperation is very good" for the Stadtbibliothekl was the series of events also important because they help in the promotion of reading,so Wilmsmann.

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LOL.... I was nervous for nothing

I was a little afraid, being the old bat that I am, that things would have moved forward, technologically speaking. But I walk in, and there, front and center, was an overhead projector!!! I was looking around to see if there was a filmstrip machine....
The kids were nice (and I do mean kids, I could be their mother)... we have to get into "learning teams".... so I picked the most intense looking asian girl I could find. Turns out she's a soph at Seattle U and taking extra classes in the summer to "get them out of the way". Real take charge.... our project is going to be on "Motiviation"
There was a semi funny moment with a goofus....

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The center is equipped with a state of the art sound system, he said. The video and audio is digitally ..

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    Like the ones they use in school that you put an image on and it shows it on the wall. NOT A MOVIE PROJECTOR. You think a library might have one??
    I want to paint a mural on my sons wall. I have found murals you can buy online and the one I like is 700 dollers. I printed in on a transparancy and tried to use a a lamp but that doesn't work..

    • You might be able to rent one from a business center. I have rented them for hotel conferences many years ago.
      Another option is to enlarge the image you have using the grid system. Draw grid lines in the original …transfer the image, drawing the shapes in each square. For example a 1/2 inch square on the orignal, would be a 6 inch square on the wall. That's the way a professional muralist would do it. That's the way I would do it.