Multimedia Projector replaces the Bible in the Churches

July 30, 2011 – 00:00

Many Christians are literally leaving their Bibles at home, stored in drawers because the churches they attend the accompanying biblical reading through multimedia projectors, ie, known through the "Show Date" or "screen". Is the technology entering the temples, conquering both evangelical religious institutions as Catholic. Certainly multimedia projectors are useful for the worship team in the community who see a greater interaction in order to keep up with the lyrics in considerable size. In this sense we can say that the action is quite appropriate because every day new songs are introduced.

Unlike the Bible is what it is and has never changed, no new texts or books, the message of the word of God remains the same, alias "ai" who change a comma!

With the technology of multimedia many Christians are leaving the old bible aside, unfortunately many have the habit of reading only during services. The new converts today, barely know the biblical texts and shame increases when they say that Abraham opened the Red Sea and Moses entered into the ark ... lol It's a scary statistic biblical illiteracy. Soon the scene of believers day Sunday with the Bible under his arm on the way to church's days are numbered!

What's worse is that in many churches, said Neopentecostals largely do not invest in teaching of the scriptures. If you ask a young convert these churches on "Sunday school" has probably never heard about. But it certainly is familiar with the terms "School Leaders" or "School Winners".

The Bible became a luxury item, sold at unbelievable prices, and models varied given the taste of the customer: Surfer Bible, the executive, the financial victory, spiritual warfare, where it featured many times is not the word of God in itself, but the prints and supplementary texts to the interpretation of the publisher. So he had the idea of ​​editing a Bible with their tips, the Bishop Sonia Hernandes Church Reborn, say in passing idea copied from other veterans ... Who knows may still arise entrepreneur's bible, bible of political bible and bible preppy socialite! Bibles are attending class elitist. But why not edit the bible of inmates or bible fisherman, bricklayer or carpenter?

No wonder or wonder if instead of the preacher in the mega-churches there calls "conference calls", where the pastor preaches simultaneously in hundreds of cults as if several clones at his disposal, without the need to even move. Imagine a network of churches having only afford the salary of a single preacher. Such leaders may consider themselves true geniuses of marketing and management.


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LOL.... I was nervous for nothing

I was a little afraid, being the old bat that I am, that things would have moved forward, technologically speaking. But I walk in, and there, front and center, was an overhead projector!!! I was looking around to see if there was a filmstrip machine....
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There was a semi funny moment with a goofus....

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      Another option is to enlarge the image you have using the grid system. Draw grid lines in the original …transfer the image, drawing the shapes in each square. For example a 1/2 inch square on the orignal, would be a 6 inch square on the wall. That's the way a professional muralist would do it. That's the way I would do it.

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