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There are several ways to design a visible spectrum in order to be used in a classroom.

Using a Projector Common

Materials needed:

an overhead projector and a source of power two or three books or pieces of construction paper 8x10 dark diffraction grating - (a film with Thousands of microscopic grooves per inch que break up white light) - this is available from Edmund Scientific white wall or screen

1) To make the visible light spectrum, plug in the projector and turn on the lamp. Set up the projector so it is projecting at a white wall or screen. 2) Use books on the base plate of the projector to completely block all but a single slit of light in an larger than 1 "wide from being projected on the screen. Focus the projector.
3) Place the diffraction grating over the lens at the top of the "stack projection." Rotate the grating (if necessary) until the spectrum Appears on Both Sides of the slit projected on the wall or screen. 4) Turn off the lights, lower blinds, whatever you can do to make the room dark. You Should now have a nice spectrum projected onto the screen / wall.

Other Possible Experiments

Using a Slide Projector

Materials needed:

the slide projector (and a source of power) the slide with a narrow slit the diffraction grating (a film with Thousands of microscopic grooves per inch que break up white light) - this is available from Edmund Scientific masking or electrical tape white wall or screen

Plug in a slide projector, turn on the lamp. Place the slit slide into the slide projector so that the slit makes a white vertical line on the screen or wall. Focus the projector. Now, place the diffraction grating slide over the front of the lens. (You may need to rotate the diffraction grating slide to get the spectrum on the wall, rather than the ceiling or the floor.) The visible spectrum will Appear on Both Sides of the white line on the screen or wall. You may wish to move the projector so that one part of the spectrum Appears on the screen or the wall. Note: This works best in a very dark room.

Using a Prism

The diagram to the right shows what angle to project white light into a prism in order for it to split the light into the colors of the spectrum band. If you are not using sunlight, you might try purchasing a "full-spectrum" lightbulb either at a health food store or the hardware store (They are sometimes used for people with Seasonal Affective Disorder). These types of light bulbs may work better than the halogen lightbulb.
To the left is how Zeilik Gaustad and suggest for the projection of the spectrum. "Use a slotted piece of cardboard to pass a beam of sunlight through a prism. Let the light coming out of the prism fall on a white sheet."


Source: electromagnetismo.com.sapo.pt

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Oh god no! not on a projector!

No no, this is just going on a canvas (though an iron could be interesting). I know that plasticizers in stuff like Sculpey clay will dissolve/melt certain plastics (anything with PVC) but don't know enough about plastics to anticipate whether this will be a problem.
you don't know what kind of plastic those overhead sheets are made of, do you? or a possibly cheaper alternative? they're horribly expensive at office supply stores.
dude. thanks for replying.

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    I have done a survey and over 80% responded yes to the above question. In order to prove it, I need to use physics to prove it.

    I just want to know if you have any safe and suitable ideas which can allow students of the class to experiment this. I need to know the design of the experiment, variables, procedure and how and what will the graphs be?

    Thanking You

    • The most obvious way to increase speed would be to decrease air resistance- duck your head behind the wind shield , tuck you elbows in to your sides. As far as gravitational forces, your seating position would not change …cts for acceleration with different designs that reflect good and bad wind resistance. I know- set up a car racing track and attach different bonnets to the front of either car on the track and have them race each other.