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August 29, 2013 – 10:11

Caruth Administration Building

In order to bring information and communication technologies (ICT) in classrooms of public schools, the Ministry of Education makes available through the National Program of Educational Technology (Integrated ProInfo) through the ENDF an interactive computer (projector multimedia) to facilitate teaching and learning.

Designed and developed by the federal universities of Santa Catarina and Pernambuco, the interactive computer is different from the others available in the market to facilitate interactivity.

The interactive computer (multimedia projector) was developed as a portable, lightweight and can be taken by teachers for use in classrooms to laboratories ProInfo interconnected. It is equipped with keyboard, mouse, USB ports, wireless networking and network plc, DVD reader drive and internal data show that teachers can design digital content in classrooms.

Among the new features there was a need to provide the Computer Interactive electronic whiteboard solution.

The device allowed to present digital content stored on the school server (where it comes to broadband content and are available) captured by the device through the wireless network, also enable teachers to present content stored on USB stick and content available on DVD, as well as incorporating functionality that allows the computer to transform the interactive projection surface into an interactive whiteboard (Digital Whiteboard).

Municipalities, states and the Federal District may acquire Computer Interactive containing a digital whiteboard, with their own resources or from other sources, through adherence to the minutes record prices due to Auction No. 72/2011 (Item 1), conducted by the ENDF .

Also, the cities and states that have received or acquired previously Projector Proinfo, object trading 42/2010, can complement the equipment, requesting membership to only 2 item trading No. 72/2011, regarding the digital whiteboard solution.

To join the register of prices, visit the Management System Accession Record Prices - SIGARP available in this window, under "Accession online."

Source: www.fnde.gov.br

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