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Connect an overhead projector with a computer: How to

June 19, 2013 – 00:00

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It's easy to connect an overhead projector to a computer. Everything you need both devices to connect to a power source and connect them with each other using the cables that will come with the projector. Basically, the overhead projector instead of a computer monitor. Once it's installed, it's all focused on what you need to do, and to orient the projector to the screen and show your presentation.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


  1. Disconnect the keyboard, mouse, video cables and other external devices connected to the computer. Disconnect the computer from its current position and place it under or on the side of the projector, close enough so that the cable can connect the two devices. Connect the keyboard and mouse to this new location. Connect the power cable to the computer and the electrical outlet.
  2. Locate the VGA port on the back of the projector. Connect the VGA cable from the projector into the harbor. Tighten the screws by hand with the fingers. Just tighten until they are firm, not over tighten. Connect the power cable to the overhead projector if it is not already connected, and connect the other end to the power outlet.
  3. Looking for a VGA port on the computer, it is similar in size and color as that of the projector. Connect the other end of the VGA cable to this port. Tighten the screws by hand until they feel tight.
  4. Turn on the computer and projector and allow you to boot them both. If everything is not displayed on the screen, press the "Fn and" F8 "keys simultaneously. You should see the image on the overhead screen. If no image is available, check., The keyboard of your computer for the blue function screen icon that will be one of the "F #" buttons Otherwise, check your computer's manual to see which function key turns on the other screen.
  5. The picture with the lens focus adjustments. Follow the projector's manual to see how the focus setting works best.

Source: www.pocketpcsummit.com

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I use a Mimeo wireless with a projector

Which I understand to be very similar to a Smart Board.
To answer your question, yes! Depending on how a teacher uses it, the technology can be very useful! For starters, any notes that I would have put on an overhead in the past I can now just put on the mimeo.
This completely eliminates the need to run to the copier and make a transparency.
Also, I am able to take my students to different websites. Since I teach Shakespeare, I love to take them on a virtual tour of The Globe in London.
Also, the projector and Mimeo are wonderful for powerpoint presentations OR you can use the Mimeo/ Smart Board software

Home / Community, News / Citizens get answers on water transfer, Nov. 5 bond ..  — Monitor Online
City staff used an overhead projector to display an analysis of current and projected water bills for the audience to see, and copies of the analysis were distributed to the audience afterwards.

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