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Sheung Shui Dongguan school
School badge
Motto "Diligence, filial piety, loyalty, sincerity"
Set up 1959
Type Government subsidized primary
Principal Stephen Chau , Mr.
Number of teachers Old Students' Association / preparation
Number of students 220 people
The school is located in Dongguan, Sheung Shui, Hong Kong, Sheung Shui Wu Hui , founded in 1959 , is run by the Federation of Hong Kong Tung Koon Sheung Shui Branch set up a primary school.

[ 编辑 ] Introduction [ edit ]

Primary One to Primary school classes to adopt four target oriented teaching mode, the small one with the students more active teaching ; while P5 and P6 reverts back to the traditional mode of teaching classes.

School aims to become a green school campus. In this regard, they are in 2001 on the campus to establish pastoral Primary School Outdoor Learning base, hoping by allowing students to participate in pastoral activities to enhance students' environmental awareness. In addition, also set up the "ecological observation Workshops", through the "original true teaching environment" (authentic learning), to enable students to experience real natural environment, learning from nature, aim to foster respect for life and respect for the natural sentiments.

In the study, the school by holding "classroom to create drama" activity, where students can learn in a pleasant environment, so as to enhance memory. The so-called "class to create drama", is in the classroom for students to participate in creative drama through the contents, so as to enhance students' creativity, speaking and writing skills, also enhance self-confidence. To enable students to have the courage to play imaginative students, teachers are encouraging students to actively participate in classroom activities.

In addition, the existing school in a small one, a small two literacy implementing efficient method for students to understand the structure of the text to enhance students' literacy ability to make students self-read. But I wonder whether in the high school literacy method applied on existing information technology tools to assist the implementation of teaching.

[ 编辑 ] Information Technology Construction [ Edit ]

All classrooms have set up your computer and LCD projector and broadband connection. Schools Yiyin school students should have developed a computer-based curriculum. Teachers also actively self-improvement, use of information technology in teaching. Among Campus Reporter program is one of the most well known IT teaching projects. School Campus Reporter earliest plan participants in 2000 founded the first primary school in Hong Kong online newspaper. Student newspaper in the production process, in addition to an interview can exercise their language skills, students in the production of web pages for the school newspaper, also learn to create web pages skills. More of its students had participated in the past by the Hong Kong Baptist University webcast programs produced, showing the success of its small reporter program.

Source: zh.wikipedia.org

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Used Overhead projectors?

Anyone know where i could find decently cheap priced used overhead projectors, like the ones teachers used to use in high school? Thinking of making a diy home theater projector, and looking to use it for an art project. I've heard some people finding them at goodwill or used office places (surplus places?) but i've seen nothing so far.

Home / Community, News / Citizens get answers on water transfer, Nov. 5 bond ..  — Monitor Online
City staff used an overhead projector to display an analysis of current and projected water bills for the audience to see, and copies of the analysis were distributed to the audience afterwards.

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