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Joining the information you wrote in the post just prior to this, on the UN and the Millennium Development Goals in Africa and the comment that Tania Aguiar made ​​in the same text, remembered a situation that would be funny if it were not sad, but there is here Africa.

Some people wiser here, you can realize how much the world invests in not reducing poverty, misery, disease and all the bad that we live, label some non-governmental organizations such as NGOs Power Point . That's right, the name of that computer program that helps to build presentations. You ask if such entity does a good job now and say: "That one? This one, no, that's NGO Power Point. "

The NGO - Non Governmental Organization - Power Point is an institution that collects money from well-meaning souls abroad to run a project in Africa. It can be a project on health, for example, where people learn the importance of consuming treated water, something about personal hygiene and safe sex. A consultant has been well-paid stay in a hotel no fewer than three stars in Maputo, getting in euros or dollars, and makes contact with a poor community that has never seen a toothbrush, condoms or water filter. Then mark one day to give a talk to the community.

They all get together under the tree, ready to hear what the stranger will teach. The alien descends from his rented jeep 4 × 4 carrying your equipment, turn on your notebook, turn on the overhead projector with battery or generator, opens a screen and stays there for an hour showing beautiful colored slides of how to brush your teeth, clean hair , use condoms, etc.. etc.. etc.. Of course he takes photos of the moment, in order to be accountable to donors of resources. Probably whoever makes the photos is the wizard that is also installed in Maputo.

Then they go away. If an NGO is well intentioned, still leave half a dozen condoms and toothbrushes. In other cases, not even that.

Back to the hotel room preparing a nice report with many photos of how the 200 people in the community were so empowered, with workshops and donating utensils and no longer have problems toiletries. It does not count in the report, of course, that people barely spoke Portuguese and did not understand 90% of what he spoke. Nor have they became more enchanted with the lights played on the screen than with any of the images presented here. Oh, do not tell, of course, condoms, toothbrushes, etc.. after two weeks no longer exisitiriam more. Anyway, they account for the trip and come back after a couple of months with a beautiful story to tell.

The people of this community? Are there, fulfilling his destiny, waiting for another visitor powerpoint.

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