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Institute of Technology - Parchment Square

August 29, 2013 – 10:10

Nobo Quantum 2523T Overhead Projector - Staples


è una bellissima città nell'estremo sud dell'Irlanda, rinomata per essere a pieni titoli la " capitale culturale " dell'isola verde. Cork is a beautiful city in the south of Ireland, renowned for being full titles in the "cultural capital" of the island green. Famous for its writers, artisans, artists and musicians, each year the city hosts several music festivals and folklore. It 'also the gastronomic capital, cultural and sports of Ireland: in recent years there has been an unprecedented economic development. Built around an island in the River Lee, Cork is characterized by steep slopes and stairs, docks and bridges, pedestrian streets and elegant buildings of the nineteenth century. The most important area is that of the Quays, since ancient cultural and commercial heart of the city.

Institute of Technology ( )
o con autobus urbano in meno di 10 minuti, così come il più vicino ospedale, distante solo 1 km. L 'of Cork Institute of Technology is located in Bishoptown, residential district of the city within walking distance from the airport. The city center can be reached on foot or by bus in less than 10 minutes, as the nearest hospital, distant only 1 km away. The campus consists of a central block which houses all the amenities educational, sporting, recreational and municipalities. E 'college known throughout the county for the efficiency and quality of services offered to students.
The entrance and all the rooms in town are spacious, air conditioned and bright.
” all'interno di una struttura in muratura con le sembianze di un anfiteatro, rappresenta il luogo di ritrovo preferito dei ragazzi per i giochi di gruppo o per il semplice relax. A great "circular lawn" within a masonry structure with the shape of an amphitheater, is the favorite hangout of the boys for group games or for simple relaxation.
per meeting, cerimonie, conferenze e premiazioni; sala computer ed internet con oltre 200 postazioni; sala cinema; discoteca; vari spazi per il tempo libero ; centro teatrale; sala per i lavori artistici e manuali; disable facilities ; la Students' Union riservata esclusivamente agli studenti con diverse sale biliardo; medicheria; lavanderia e 5 stirerie per piano nelle palazzine; 2 bar; sportello bancario e bancomat; negozi di libri e giornali; mini market; cabine telefoniche e un grande ristorante. The university has a library for consultation and borrowing of books, with different areas dedicated to the study; auditorium with seating for hundreds of meetings, ceremonies, conferences and awards, computer room and the Internet with over 200 seats , cinema room, discotheque, and various spaces for leisure, theater center; room for artistic works and handbooks, disable facilities, the Students' Union is reserved exclusively for students with different pool halls, medical center, laundry and ironing 5 per floor in buildings , 2 bars, bank branch and ATM, book stores and newspapers, mini market, phone booths and a large restaurant.
convenzionata, una palestra coperta polivalente per lo svolgimento di vari sport, una ulteriore palestra per il body building, il cardiofitness e zumba fitness . The college has excellent facilities and sports facilities, including an outdoor multipurpose sports field, 2 soccer fields, 2 soccer fields, 8 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, 2 volleyball courts, some rugby fields , 6 squash courts, a track for athletics, an Olympic swimming pool establishment, a multi-purpose indoor arena for the conduct of various sports, an additional gym for body building, cardio and zumba fitness.
For the study, besides the mentioned structures can be used for thematic conferences and conducting classes, the campus has modern classrooms equipped with overhead projectors, video projectors, computers and all kinds of technological device.

Source: www.accademiabritannica.com

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Used Overhead projectors?

Anyone know where i could find decently cheap priced used overhead projectors, like the ones teachers used to use in high school? Thinking of making a diy home theater projector, and looking to use it for an art project. I've heard some people finding them at goodwill or used office places (surplus places?) but i've seen nothing so far.

Home / Community, News / Citizens get answers on water transfer, Nov. 5 bond ..  — Monitor Online
City staff used an overhead projector to display an analysis of current and projected water bills for the audience to see, and copies of the analysis were distributed to the audience afterwards.

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