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September 15, 2009 – 00:00

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Telephones: (21) 2516-0597 / (21) 8764-1110 / (21) 8764-1112
Fax: 2223-2905
E-mail: mundovisual@mundovisual.net

Acting in Rio de Janeiro since 2003, the World Visual consolidated with its customers, through their commitment, punctuality and technological modernity. Besides having a qualified team to best suit your need.

The Visual World operates with the rental of equipment for presentations and events, in addition to having a highly skilled team focused on the filming of events from children's parties and weddings to conferences and business events, still has partnerships with established brands in the segment audiovisual equipment, to offer the best and most modern in the area of ​​sales.

In Lease;

* Multimedia Projectors
* Monitors and Plasma TV
* Overhead Projector
* Large screens for projection
* Notebook
* Sound

On Sale;
* Multimedia Projectors
* Overhead Projector
* Large screens for projection (Electric and Manual)
* Plasma
* Accessories Projection

Filming in;

* Parties
Corporative Events

NEW: See our Child Party Kit for contatação Film Projector + + Big Screen!

Source: www.projetores.net

Carson-Dellosa Overhead Projector Pocket Chart (3 panels with 6 pockets)
CE (Carson-Dellosa)
  • 16L 8W 0.5D

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Over 20 classrooms, Large Fellowship Hall, Preimere Sound System, Infant Room, Toddler Room, Overhead Projectors, 285 parking spots, Wheelchair Accessible, Commercial Kitchen, Baptism Pool and changing rooms, and more.
Habla Espanol
For more information call (404) 346-1164

Home / Community, News / Citizens get answers on water transfer, Nov. 5 bond ..  — Monitor Online
City staff used an overhead projector to display an analysis of current and projected water bills for the audience to see, and copies of the analysis were distributed to the audience afterwards.

Staedtler Staedtler Lumocolor Non-Permanent Overhead Projection Markers assorted colors medium 1.0 mm set of 4
Office Product (Staedtler)
  • CHX 03154, for use with Combat Mats
  • Manufacturer: Staedtler
  • 4 markers (black, blue, green, red)
Learning Resources Learning Resources Right Timer Graphic Overhead Timer
Toy (Learning Resources)
  • Pre-programmed quick set keys
  • Program button is customizable
  • Includes durable storage case
  • Teacher s resource
  • Recommended age range from 5 to 11 years

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