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The term can refer projector:

  • a film projector (projected movie film);
  • a slide projector (projected slides );
  • an overhead projector or overhead projector (projected transparencies larger);
  • to a floodlight or spotlight , used for lighting;
  • an opaque projector or opaque projector (projected light reflected from opaque images brightly lit), or
  • to a video projector or a projector (projects the image transmitted by an electronic signal).

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AWESOME idea! I actually want to buy an

Old overhead projector as it is - for projecting sketches onto painting canvases - it's the easiest way to transfer a sketch on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper onto a large canvas.
And then, when I'm not using it, it could be a permanent art installation! I have cathedral ceilings and am thinking I could tuck it behind my TV cart and have it project onto the highest part of my walls.

Home / Community, News / Citizens get answers on water transfer, Nov. 5 bond ..  — Monitor Online
City staff used an overhead projector to display an analysis of current and projected water bills for the audience to see, and copies of the analysis were distributed to the audience afterwards.

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