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August 29, 2013 – 00:35

LED bulbs I believe we are all familiar with,energy saving,low heat,long life and other advantages it has gradually replaced the general in our daily life bulbs.Production on the projector,there have been a few years ago LED projector; everyone may be able to find it very strange,since the LED so good,why in recent years,LED projector does not completely replace the old high-pressure mercury lamp projector?

We come back later to answer this question; from the previous to the present,many consumers want to buy the projector will be considered to "LAMP" consumption issues.Because the projector lamp is used in life limits,about the use of thousands of hours after the lamp must be replaced,while a projector lamp price of up to $ 5, 000 or so!Would be so expensive because the projector lamp bulbs for general lighting purposes not,it is a high-intensity discharge (High-intensity discharge,referred HID) bulbs.Yes,that is used in advanced automotive headlight HID technology.

HID also subdivided into many types below,so the projector lamp and car HID headlights are not identical,but the technical level is the same principle,played through both ends of the electrode arc pressure,the gas within the bulb and metal heating plasma state to emit high brightness light.The projector uses a high-pressure mercury bulb inside the glass bulb filled with high-pressure mercury and mercury is heated to plasma state to emit light.Therefore able to meet up to several thousand lumens projector with high brightness requirements; But disadvantages are also obvious,including the larger,higher temperatures,shorter life expectancy and so on.

The picture shows the I-MAX projector uses a lamp

(Picture from Wikipedia)

Back to the beginning of the problem,why the LED projector market has not fully replace the high-pressure mercury lamp?The main reason is the demand for LED brightness has its limitations,and its high-brightness low efficiency will find a few years ago almost all LED projector only a few hundred lumens brightness of 1, 000 lumens is not,almost all use the mini projector models above.Of course,due to technological advances,the current LED brightness compared to a few years ago has also been some improvement.

In addition,the colors projected by the projector screen is composed of three primary colors of red,blue,green,and the green LED light output efficiency in technology has problems too low,forcing the LED red and blue light must match the green,and then drag the overall output efficiency.

Therefore,ViewSonic Pro9000 home theater machine is especially used laser and LED double light source design; With blue laser through the phosphor material is converted to green,green LED to overcome the problem of low efficiency,coupled with the red and blue LED form a complete RGB light source to replace the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp.Reach 1, 600 lumens of brightness,as well as 20, 000 hours lamp life,almost no need to replace the light bulb!

Also has 1080p Full HD resolution,100, 000:1 high contrast so that colors are sharper; signal input side owns two HDMI port.Give you the best home theater enjoyment.


0 Expo Vis-A-Vis Wet Erase Markers, 8 Colored Markers (16078)
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  • Wet Erase markers for overhead projector transparencies and all other types of films, acetates, and laminated calendars
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ARTOGRAPH Artograph Tracer Projector And Enlarger
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  • Great for signs and murals
  • Projection range: 2-inch by 14-inch
  • Copy Size: 5-inch by 5-inch
ACCO Brands Apollo Horizon 2 Overhead Projector, 15 x 14 x 27 Inches, Open Head (V16000M)
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  • Popular, reliable, easy-to-use tabletop projector with 2 lumen light output features high-efficiency cooling system & thermal shutoff safety switch
  • Ideal for use in classrooms and small rooms with up to 20 people
  • Open head with double fresnel lens assures edge-to-edge sharpness and brightness
  • 10 x 10 Inch stage glass accommodates 8.5 x 11 Inch transparency sheets
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Popular, reliable, easy-to-use tabletop projector
  • With 2 lumen light output features high-efficiency cooling system and thermal shutoff safety switch
  • Popular, reliable, easy-to-use tabletop projector with 2 lumen light output features high-efficiency cooling system and thermal shutoff safety switch
3M 3M Model 1711 Overhead Projector
CE (3M)
  • Open singlet (one element) wide angle overhead projector
  • 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness
  • 255 mm x 254 mm stage aperture
  • Built-in pen tray
  • 10-foot power cord

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