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Its purpose

The common HERBIGNAC has an intense and dynamic Student Life.

Nearly 120 organizations, both sporting, cultural, leisure solidarity, social and labor are identified.

These associations include a large number of volunteers who work, each in their own way to the development and well-being, development of civic spirit, mutual assistance, solidarity and, therefore, the radiance and vitality of the town.

La Maison des Associations is a place of information, meetings and trade associations.

It serves all Herbignacais who can find information about the different activities and annual events that are offered.

LEVESQUE Virginia is for:

- Inform and assist herbignacaises associations in their administrative,

- Manage schedules meeting rooms,

- Provide logistical support for equipment rental and other services.

To learn more about the services offered, click here



Place du General d'argence
Tel. : 02 40 19 99 84
Fax: 02 51 76 92 68

ccueil H ome

Monday Closed Home 14 am to 18 pm Tuesday 9 am to 12 pm 30 14 am to 18 pm Wednesday 9 am to 12 pm 30 14 am to 18 pm Thursday 9 am to 12 pm 30 14 am to 18 pm Friday 9 am to 12 pm (odd week) closed reception Saturday 9 am to 12 pm (week pair)

Receiving Mail

The herbignacaises associations have the opportunity to take up residence at the Maison des Associations and get a mailbox to receive mail.

Planning management Meeting

The rooms below are available to associations for holding meetings, hotlines or activities, free of charge.

Room No. 1 During music Room # 2 15 people Room A 25 people Room B 6 people Room C 15 people

Management of municipal equipment rental

: courriers divers, affiches, tracts, comptes rendus, convocations, articles pour la presse ou pour les magazines municipaux, réalisation de dépliants) various letters, posters, leaflets, reports, notices, articles for the press or for municipal magazines, production of brochures)

Registration for new activities or participation in events

Research and input documents

: photocopieuse A3 et A4 (suivant un quota annuel), relieuse, massicot, rétroprojecteur Various materials are available for assocations photocopier A3 and A4 (according to an annual quota), binder, paper cutter, overhead

: Help disseminate information about the association and its activities:

- Contact the Local Press and Loire France Blue Ocean (part of a partnership agreement), to publicize events.

- Maintenance of website: think to inform Virginia ( associations@herbignac.com ) any changes in your organization (responsible, telephone, e-mail etc ...)

- Publication of articles and event dates in Herbignac Magazine: information must be forwarded to Sandra Gerard mayor in charge of the News Bulletin: s.gerard @ herbignac.com
Be careful to respect the deadline of aticles (a schedule is given at the beginning of the year, each association).

Some website addresses to help you in your efforts:

- Creation of an association (statutes, statement to the Sub-Prefecture, published in the Official Journal)

- Or modification.

Here is a summary of PIECES TO PRODUCE A SUB-prefecture to declare the establishment of an association:

Source: www.herbignac.com

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