USB movie rental to entertain the waiting at the airport

August 29, 2013 – 08:56

Digiboo: USB movie rental to entertain the waiting at the airport

by John Neff 16/03/2012

We are fully convinced that your first reaction to the headline became of disbelief, but it is possible that people have successful Digiboo your idea of renting (and sell) movies USB format . Just as other companies tried unsuccessfully to perpetuate the concept of traditional video distributing films in memories of all kinds , the company funded among others by Morgan Freeman (yes, the actor) could find the success that eluded his predecessors since the original approach . And is that instead of targeting the domestic consumer, clinging to their Blu-rays, internet streams and downloads, Digiboo seek customers among the masses that fill boring airports.

Digiboo strategy is simple: for less than the cost of a WiFi connection when in the waiting room, any traveler could rent one or two movies on a flash drive and take them on the plane. The movie selection consists of over 700 titles, including recent films such as Hugo and The Ides of deck, which can be enjoyed for up to 48 hours once playback has started. The rental price is $ 3.99, while buying cost around $ 14.99 less attractive.

At present Digiboo only present at three airports in the United States (Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle-Tacoma), but soon hope to expand its network to other places, including bus and train stations.

Drawbacks?? Well for now that Digiboo movies only work with Windows, although the company expects to have a version for Android available this year and is also working on support for Mac .

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