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Smart forstars: world premiere at the Paris Motor Show - Postal large drive-in | Witteler Automobiles

August 29, 2013 – 09:02

Compact 85-Lumen Pocket Projector Lets You Take the Big Screen

World Premiere of the smart forstars at the Mondial de l'Automobile 2012 in Paris Fashion (29 September-14 October 2012). For smart, the fair is a home game in the French capital, as the production site of the brand is located in Hambach, Lorraine. A reference to the site of the world premiere is also the color of the expressive coupé: It is painted in flamboyant color Alubeam rouge, standing in a delightful contrast to the Tridion safety cell with matt titanium metallic hue is. And thanks to the use of 60 kW permanent magnet motor from the new smart BRABUS electric drive can be the smart forstars emission-free agile and very bubbly.
"The smart is the lowest-priced mass-produced electric car in Europe is" so smart CEO Dr. Annette Winkler. "He is not only emission free and fast, but can be, for example, very comfortable bringing a smartphone to the perfect internal temperature and easily load on house current . the smart forstars with its strong battery and integrated projector transforms any additional gray backyard into a lively open-air cinema. "
The compact smart forstars (length / width / height: 3.550/1.710/1.505 mm) is therefore not only a mobility concept with comfortable space for two and a generous cargo area under the glass tailgate. He is also a communication concept which requires only a free house wall for the spontaneous cinematic experience. The media player on the front hood of the integrated projector is operated via Bluetooth ® from the iPhone ®. A high quality sound system with additional loudspeakers in the vents behind the doors is the possibility to perfect the car theater experience for the friends.

The exterior design: Naughty and friendly, with extremely short overhangs. The smart forstars be seen at first glance as a member of the smart family, but is strong and new trends are not only its silhouette with an outlook on the future design language of smart. He looks up with a cheeky smile politely but firmly towards the viewer.
Very striking is the design of the rhombic front and tail lights: The outer rings illuminate using a variety of indicators and the LED daytime running lights. The arrow-shaped lamps seem to push outwards - like drops on the cockpit of an aircraft wheel at startup.
New are the eyebrows on the headlights as one of the many lovely details. They give the headlights a new optical U-shape. The transparent red sun visor above the windscreen takes this idea and makes the coupe still crouched cowering in the street. The rear lights can even be opened: the right hides the charging socket for the high-voltage battery is left room for a beverage can.
Also compared to the current smart fortwo longer wheelbase (2470 mm / plus 603 mm) and wider track (front 1475 mm / plus 193 mm, rear 1475 mm / plus 90 mm) emphasize the confident look of the study. At the same time the extremely short overhangs front and rear make for extreme compactness. All four wheels are pushed to the outer corners of the body, a typical smart feature.
The main features of his body divides the smart forstars with the smart for-us, who at the Detroit Motor Show saw much talked about earlier this year. Also the body surfaces of the smart forstars are arched over and formed sensual. The Grill he proudly wears his great branding, the front is designed emphasizes three dimensions. Where rally cars carry an air scoop on the front cover, is integrated as an ironic accent the projector the smart forstars.
The passengers to warp a glass roof coupe. It formally closes seamlessly with the glass cover over the cargo area. This opens up. Like the smart for-us is electrically can also open the lower tailgate at the rear. First, the tailgate slides down in parallel, then the cargo floor including flap retracts by 280 mm. The cargo on the 900 mm-long cargo area is then extremely easy to access.
Shiny black panels which continue below the sill, emphasizing the wheel arches. The smart forstars rolls on Michelin Sport tires in the dimension 245/35 ZR 21 A nice detail are the covers of the wing nuts of the central closures of the three-spoke wheels.
The sporty character of the smart sassy forstars is also emphasized by a striking and technically very complicated Alubeam red paint. The "wet look" of the "Alubeam rouge" is an intriguing and very modern contrast to the matt and metallic ones pronounced titanium shade of the tridion cell.
The interior: stylish, uncomplicated and individually
Smooth taut surfaces in mother of pearl white combined with precisely executed technical functional elements in brushed aluminum - the interior contrasts define. For connection to the exterior color also accentuates used in the interior "Alubeam rouge" provides.
Casual and uncomplicated as well as highly functional and easily customizable - the two seats in the concept car are typically smart. The perforated seats are upholstered with a soft cloth cap and thus represent a hammock-like seating feel. The graphic elements and various reds of the references suggest a course, underlining the dynamic and highly fashionable aspect of the vehicle.
Since the covers can be removed in a jiffy, here individualisation with other throws, but is easy to imagine. Practical: If the seat cover removed on the passenger side, long objects in the smart forstars can be loaded through the opening.
Hemmed in, the seats are in white, high-quality leather bag that is processed into fine noble pipes. Perforated leather on the door panels is another, sophisticated contrast and emphasizes the high quality of the materials used.
As in the smart forvision and the smart for-us is the entire cockpit is used as a flow-through body for interior ventilation. The operating and display elements are directed towards the driver. Just as the cockpit module divides the instrument panel, the two-spoke steering wheel is open at the top.
In place of conventional rear-view mirror enters smartphone, the bracket is mounted on top of the windscreen, the smart forstars. Using the built-in video camera, the driver can watch the action behind your own vehicle. The smartphone also acts as a media source and to control the projector.
Shelves on the right and left of the lavishly equipped with aluminum rails load compartment provide additional storage space.
The electric drive: local zero-emission driving fun.
The electric drive of the smart forstars based on the innovative drive concept of the smart fortwo BRABUS electric drive. Compared to the production model of the smart electric drive, the performance of permanent magnet motor has been increased to 60 kW - this can be the smart forstars agile and lively to drive. With 135 Newton meters it accelerates drive strong and overtaking delay and mastered without problems. The top speed is over 130 km / h The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 17.6 kWh.
Source: Daimler Media Site


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