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August 29, 2013 – 00:36

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The different types of projectors

Optoma projectors are characterized first of all by exploiting technology: those of a DLP (Digital Light Processing) by using light microscopic mirrors that reflect or absorb light. The quality of the image and then the range of prices depends on the native resolution, the maximum width optimal image (up to 300''), contrast, and brightness intensity used (between 2000 and 4000 ANSI lumens) from this type of systems. The ability of Optoma projectors to operate silently is another key feature that you will agree to consider when making your choice. The new technology has in fact significantly reduced the noise of the product, but the differences between the different models can be substantial.

Optoma projectors are more or less portable: the models lighter, more compact and ergonomic can be easily transported and moved, while models such table are heavier. Both, in any case, have a cooling system that will allow very rapid to make a prolonged use without having to worry about the surface on which they will rest.

Choose the projector

The choice between the Optoma projectors depends on the use you intend to make, but also economic investment that you expected. If you are looking for a reliable tool to use in your house, the basic models table Optoma PK301, Optoma HD70, and Optoma DS316 Optoma ES515 will satisfy you.
The Optoma HD 700X, however, offers a good price-quality balance: its cost, which remains affordable, it combines with high native resolution, brightness and contrast.

If your priority is quality and you're ready to spend without counting, do you prefer the Optoma HD 20 or the Optoma HD200X, with a very high resolution image, an impressive noise reduction and easy to use, or the ' Optoma HD800X with its high contrast (remember, however, that this model is not compatible with Apple computers).

The new technology enters your house with the 3D model-XL, the first projector in three dimensions. Immerse yourself in the emotion with its giant screen, to see the latest Hollywood productions or to play with your favorite games!

Do you want to be able to share freedom and video projections at any time with your friends? The Optoma Movie Time DV10 allows you to read and project DVD without the need for another device.
With the Optoma 102, the Optoma PICO PK201 or, for optimal quality the recent Neo-i (DV20A), you can even put in your pocket projectors Optoma and connect your iPod or iPhone to enjoy high resolution video d ' image and stereo audio DSP 16W.

Enjoy with your Optoma projector!


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Advice Needed for Projector

Hi - I need some advice. I have an exhibition coming up & I need to project a video animation. I need to use a multi-media projector, but can not afford to buy a new one (& rentals for 1 month are extremely expensive). Does anyone have any ideas of where I can find a great deal or any other alternative for getting this type of equipment for a reasonable price???? Thanks.

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