Alone in San Diego Soiree Slide Show

November 18, 2006 – 00:00

Evening Slide Show

The concept is simple:
this is a soiree in which each prompt provides CD 15 travel photos and a typical dish of the country visit.
You obviously have good friends,or acquaintances who like to travel and see the world (easy to find when you are expatriate,surrounded by expatriates).The ideal is to find fans of photography and travel,so travel photo which as you strafe everything they have in the eyes!And so than done,is also surrounded by people who love to eat and discover new flavors!
To this we add the loan of video projector from the school (he did not do anything on the weekends.)
You mix them together and you get a great evening!
Thus tonight,we travel well. Once the gear sets,we sailed.

First projection that Jen and her husband,our couple Ricans who we discover the U.S. has their way.A little devil that local culture!And these are cup cakes,dessert typical here they bring us.

Then it was my turn.Immediate shipment to BRAZIL.San Paulo,Parati,Rio,Olinda,San Luis,Parnaíba,Cabure,Pequinos Lencois,Jericoacoara,Salvador de Bahia and Itacare.In 15 photos,I tried to trace the trail of this fabulous trip.Audrey has also thank you for taking the time 2 years ago to scan all the pictures I found great pleasure on my old computer.I knew it would serve me one day!And this slide show on Brazil that could be accompanied shrimp: shrimp Moqueca for the occasion.A delight for the taste buds!

After the Brazil,Reunion management,homeland Nico he made a visit Pauline who is now his wife three years ago.Few digital photos at the time,but enough to recreate the particular atmosphere and volcanic landscape of this wonderful island gem for hikers and surfers.And to complete the set,some remember more recent photos,surrounding landscape,as we never tire of admiring.Culinary specialty forces,they could not project photos Reunion without making a career Chicken.mmmm This is too good ...

To give you mouth water,here's a picture of the composition of our two entrees: moqueca de camajon career with rice and chicken with peas and Cape rougail mango. All married a marvel.We were even thinking of doing a parallel evening all three!

Then it was the turn of Clair and Raphael.They met in Costa Rica and they married two months ago.She is French,it is Mexican,they now live in San Diego.They have both traveled extensively before meeting and we got a part of their wedding slide show retracing their route globetrotter before their meeting.They chained the country with the year they were made to meet!And they brought us the Guacamole!

Then depart for Mexico with Mylene and Terri.Another couple Globbe-trotter,they travel SEPARATELY then began a world tour two.Nice project that has prompted go on and on.They were our guests this evening and we have tasted Mexican apetizer (raw fish,crab cakes ..) arrozes Mojitos and Tequila!

Then change from continent to Africa with Sonya.Photos bush,wildlife,children in her care ...Total landscaping.It makes you want to go.

And finally,some pictures of Stef (miss camping) of Guatemala.Photo paper,which has nothing removed their charm.The bottom as it is beautiful,the photos also makes me want to go there.

How to see everything in one lifetime??
Panic,I never have enough time ....
Fortunately,I still have a few years,and then a few evenings with friends who also will travel!


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