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August 29, 2013 – 00:36

Oliver Sandrock next to a chimpanzee. (Source: Alexander Fischer)

  • Oliver Sandrock and chimpanzee Sina
  • Difficult for Sina: walking upright

Didactic considerations

"Man Descended from the apes?" Is probably the most asked question when it comes to the evolution of the people in the public debate. How would you even answer this question? Google has responded to this request almost a million explanations. Also, some scientists are reluctant to answer this question, the term monkey appears too broad. If we like to us humans as resembling gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans and forgets the other nearly 200 species of monkeys living on our planet?Oliver Sandrock holds a chimpanzee's hand. (Source: Alexander Fischer) The scientific consensus is that evolution has no goal towards which it is heading, but rather that all living things to evolve each phase at the same time. So we are descended from an ape-like ancestors, but not of chimpanzees or gorillas.

Enough interesting questions to inspire students for the theme of "evolution." The theme finds its place in the scientific field of education plans. The knowledge of the evolution of life and the origin of man is in the 9th Class with the students worked. Here are the contents of evolutionary theory and its supporting documents are at the center.Fossilized footprints (Source: SWR - Screenshot from the program) Since this unit draws on various media, the students are trained to deal and demanded to raise funds in various ways with this information. The provided interactive tutorial on can be an integral component of information technology literacy. It can also contribute to the independent development and linking of different perspectives. Furthermore, the students use computers as a working and planning tools.

If you want to introduce the subject of evolution with the material provided, the following considerations should be taken.Pictures of two half-finished skeletons. (Source: BWR) To implement school about six hours should be estimated. However, since for the most part worked on the computer, it is also advisable to reserve the computer lab for the implementation period. Should not a computer available for each / s student available, the theme can be developed in partner work.

Teaching course

Planet school provides the movie "Monkey Man, " an interactive learning software as well as related worksheets available. The film can be shown on a projector or rented on DVD from a media center online. The worksheets should be copied as previously stapled workbook for each / s pupil.

As an introduction to the topic of the discussion even among scientists question provides "Descended from the apes, man?" On. The issue with the images of the two species added as a silent pulse on the overhead projector or projector can be projected.


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WOULDN'T IT BE nice if a college professor did prep to bring in hands on activities so that the students could actually roll up their sleaves and make something with their hands. A hands on project. Make it fun and forget group work, go back to individual work and let each person work on their own and create what ever they want according to your extra organized lesson.
Also, Use more music as they enter the room. Set the atmosphere with music for first five minutes. and close by putting on the same music.
Also, use visuals. Go back to the old overhead projector and use it in tandam with the power point projector

Wireless and interactive: FUSD goes high-tech  — Arizona Daily Sun
“There is something to be said about pencil and paper and books,” Vogler said. “But our world is being .. Document cameras have taken the place of overhead projectors but are more interactive and can display information from books.

A lesson in learning  —
“The overhead will save them a lot of time because they can reuse their sheets, all their material, once they write it down.” Hope 2 Others is currently seeking donations of projectors and other school supplies to send to Tanzania.

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  • Avatar AnnG How do you work on old fashion overhead projector?
    Sep 07, 2007 by AnnG | Posted in Other - Electronics

    I picked up an old fashion 3M overhead projector at an auction. I would like to show some of my old family photos on the wall with it at a family reunion as well as some old childhood drawings on construction paper that are done with crayon. Can you tell me how to run this machine so it shows up on a wall. Thanks!!

    • Those old fashioned projectors worked with "transparencies" placed on the base (where the light shines up from) ... it cannot work with "solid" objects since the light cannot shine THROUGH them to be reflected / projected. (All you'll see is the shape / shadow of the object that's blocking the projector's light)

  • Avatar Hikari What type of projector is this?
    May 09, 2011 by Hikari | Posted in Other - Electronics

    My university has it to use for some professors. It looks like a white version of an overhead projector. But, instead of clear transparency sheets and such, a professor writes on a sheet of paper and the projector-projec …a that shows up on a LCD screen electronically. Nothing actually 'projects' with light. It's like if you hooked up a laptop to a presentation screen to view a powerpoint.

    What's the name of this contraption?

    • It is called a document camera. Elmo is the major brand name. It is pretty simple - on the top of the neck is a color video camera pointed down at the base. The camera outputs video to the projector.