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August 29, 2013 – 09:03

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Meetings & Incentives

Think, innovate, invent, correct, enhance team spirit ...

For your day job, book Hostellerie le Castellas!

The "clean room" is ideal for meetings and seminars. Accommodating up to 20 people and modular wish this space of 30m ² is equipped with a flipchart, projector and screen, wifi. Other possible equipment reservation.

Room Subcommittee is available in the Maison Du Barry, opposite the Castellas.

For breaks, Chef will cook small sweet or savory delicacies.

Take action! Enjoy the many activities in the region. Sports, adventure, discovery, we offer a tailor made holiday.

In the village:
• Canoe • • • Climbing Via Ferrata Walking trails • Picnic • Riding • Swimming • Bicycles ...

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• original 15 comfortable rooms including 2 suites
• 40 beds in total, two beds and double bed
• Air conditioning, telephone, alarm clock, mini-bar, satellite television, free wifi
• Possibility of additional housing in other hostels or B & Bs Collias.

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Family meals

You want to celebrate a family event?

Baptism, communion, marriage ... or simple reunion. We organize your reception!

Let us know what your wishes and special requests, we will issue a quote for the entire service.

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The Packages: Reference Rates

Study day: from 75 €
Room hire equipped, screen, flipchart, overhead projector, mineral waters, candy, pens, paper, two lunch breaks "Market" (appetizer, entree and dessert) drinks included.

Residential Semi: from 155 €
Room hire screen equipped, flipchart, overhead projector, mineral waters, candy, pens, paper, two lunch breaks "Thumb" (starter, main course and dessert) drinks included, room and breakfast buffet.

Residential: from 180 €
Room hire screen equipped, flipchart, overhead projector, mineral waters, candy, pens, paper, two lunch "Thumb" breaks (starter, main course and dessert) and dinner "Market" (appetizer, entree and dessert ) including drinks, room and breakfast buffet.

Overnight VRP: 125 €
Single room, dinner "on the go" (main course and dessert) - excluding drinks - breakfast buffet.

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Source: www.lecastellas.fr

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Oh god no! not on a projector!

No no, this is just going on a canvas (though an iron could be interesting). I know that plasticizers in stuff like Sculpey clay will dissolve/melt certain plastics (anything with PVC) but don't know enough about plastics to anticipate whether this will be a problem.
you don't know what kind of plastic those overhead sheets are made of, do you? or a possibly cheaper alternative? they're horribly expensive at office supply stores.
dude. thanks for replying.

Wireless and interactive: FUSD goes high-tech  — Arizona Daily Sun
“There is something to be said about pencil and paper and books,” Vogler said. “But our world is being .. Document cameras have taken the place of overhead projectors but are more interactive and can display information from books.

A lesson in learning  — hngnews.com
“The overhead will save them a lot of time because they can reuse their sheets, all their material, once they write it down.” Hope 2 Others is currently seeking donations of projectors and other school supplies to send to Tanzania.

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  • Avatar AnnG How do you work on old fashion overhead projector?
    Sep 07, 2007 by AnnG | Posted in Other - Electronics

    I picked up an old fashion 3M overhead projector at an auction. I would like to show some of my old family photos on the wall with it at a family reunion as well as some old childhood drawings on construction paper that are done with crayon. Can you tell me how to run this machine so it shows up on a wall. Thanks!!

    • Those old fashioned projectors worked with "transparencies" placed on the base (where the light shines up from) ... it cannot work with "solid" objects since the light cannot shine THROUGH them to be reflected / projected. (All you'll see is the shape / shadow of the object that's blocking the projector's light)

  • Avatar Hikari What type of projector is this?
    May 09, 2011 by Hikari | Posted in Other - Electronics

    My university has it to use for some professors. It looks like a white version of an overhead projector. But, instead of clear transparency sheets and such, a professor writes on a sheet of paper and the projector-projec …a that shows up on a LCD screen electronically. Nothing actually 'projects' with light. It's like if you hooked up a laptop to a presentation screen to view a powerpoint.

    What's the name of this contraption?

    • It is called a document camera. Elmo is the major brand name. It is pretty simple - on the top of the neck is a color video camera pointed down at the base. The camera outputs video to the projector.