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Dessau: BBI GmbH

August 29, 2013 – 00:37

SL-M2875FD Mono Laser Printer - FEATURES

The BBI training and consulting institute since 2005 tätig.Der in Dessau location of the branch of the BBI training and consulting institute located since 2007 in the TGZ - Technology and Business Incubator Dessau, in the Kühnauer road 24 The TGZ as an interface between science and the economy of the region is room for new business and innovation. The training center is ausgestattetet with modern classrooms and computer cabinets. Here is the office of the branch line. The TGZ is a fully renovated building with listed fittings and has an attractive modern premises in which young companies to settle.

In the store Dessau qualifications, consultations, workshops and coaching are conducted for founders of the town Dessau. Over several years we supported in partnership with the Job Centre SGB II successfully unemployed UB II - recipients on their way to independence.

The staff and faculty of the branch are competent partner for entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs in the region on all matters establishing and running a business.

For start 4-day training sessions are offered to all economic, financial, technical, organizational, human legal and tax issues of running a business.

In workshops receive founders / entrepreneurs inside and / inside individual assistance in the preparation of the business plan.

For employees and managers of small and medium enterprises find part-time qualifications in the areas of business - instead of English, IT and accounting.

Upon request individual training programs can be created and implemented for businesses.

For the unemployed, using professional training seminars or Praxistainings offered in modular system for a variety of commercial functional areas.

Our instructors have many years of experience in adult training and impart the knowledge clearly and practically.

The branch Dessau has 4 bright and spacious seminar and computer rooms with modern facilities. In each classroom are a whiteboard and an overhead projector available in the computer rooms in addition, a projector, a laser printer and for each participant a job with network and Internet access. Social and meeting rooms are available in sufficient number and size.

Source: bbi-bildung.de

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Oh god no! not on a projector!

No no, this is just going on a canvas (though an iron could be interesting). I know that plasticizers in stuff like Sculpey clay will dissolve/melt certain plastics (anything with PVC) but don't know enough about plastics to anticipate whether this will be a problem.
you don't know what kind of plastic those overhead sheets are made of, do you? or a possibly cheaper alternative? they're horribly expensive at office supply stores.
dude. thanks for replying.

Wireless and interactive: FUSD goes high-tech  — Arizona Daily Sun
“There is something to be said about pencil and paper and books,” Vogler said. “But our world is being .. Document cameras have taken the place of overhead projectors but are more interactive and can display information from books.

A lesson in learning  — hngnews.com
“The overhead will save them a lot of time because they can reuse their sheets, all their material, once they write it down.” Hope 2 Others is currently seeking donations of projectors and other school supplies to send to Tanzania.

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  • Avatar Katie Can I use my lazer printer for transparency film?
    Jun 28, 2011 by Katie | Posted in Printers

    Ok, so I just got an overhead projector (long story), and I got 3M transparency film along with it. It says that you need HP ink jet printer to print on the sheets. I have a laser printer (samsung) which is black and white. Can I use it to print on it?

    • You cannot use Inkjet Transparency film in a laser printer. It is not probably designed for the heat that the fuser produces and can melt the film like the other poster said, however, they do make laser compatible transparency film designed to be used with laser printers. Check with your local office supply store for compatible brands.

  • Avatar angel2003 Where do I go to get a transparency made?
    Feb 03, 2008 by angel2003 | Posted in Drawing & Illustration

    I am trying to get a transparency made of a picture that I want to paint onto the wall. Where could I go to get that transparency made? Also, if you know the answer to a second part of my question...Where can I rent an overhead projector in Sicklerville, NJ?

    • If you have a regular copy machine, or a laser printer, you can do this yourself.

      Office supply stores will sell a box of transparencies for relatively cheap. Just put a sheet into the feeder tray of the c …t adhere, well, to the acetate sheet.

      Shops that rent audio and video equipment for events and DJs may have an overhead projector to rent. Look in the telephone book for equipment and, even, party rentals.