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August 29, 2013 – 00:35

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basada en la concentración de luz a través de micro esferas de cristal, c aptarán de forma eficaz la atención de su público. These sheets of 0.5 mm thickness and, therefore, extremely lightweight and equipped with an innovative technology based on the concentration of light through glass microspheres, c effectively aptarán attention of your audience.

Any size or shape

. The self-adhesive rear projection giving VikuitiTM can cut any shape and size. Create the most innovative designs in digital signage marking the difference from conventional applications.

Visible from any angle

Studies reveal the great importance of time during which the advertising is within the angle of view of the consumer.
For example: How long will be within the angle of view of a person who is walking a showcase which is at a distance of two meters?

High brightness and contrast

de esta lámina consigue que las imágenes tengan un excelente contraste y luminosidad desde cualquier ángulo incluso en ambientes luminosos. The advanced technology of this film gets that images have excellent contrast and brightness from any angle even in bright environments.

3M Digital Projectors

especialmente indicados para proyectar sobre la lámina VikuitiTM de retroproyección. 3M has a wide range of digital projectors to project onto specially indicated VikuitiTM blade rear projection. Available with LCD and DLP technology, the latter with the possibility of additional security 24 hours / 7 days.

With close projection technology, 3M offers enabling SCP projectors provide solutions in places where space is limited and requires projecting a short distance.

Source: www.iddeasp.com

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A great idea from the Palmist 1....I care....

Dear Screwed Student (and it is not your fault what so ever).
There is one thing I forgot to mention. The misguided Professor loves one thing very much. Very much. The mis guided teacher loves class or report presentation that key in on all five senses.
1. hearing: use music in your presentations. Start a CD tape and end with the song or proper material on it too.
2. visual: always incorporate large (foam core) boards into your presentations. Just prop them up on the white board lip as you go through each point.
The power point needs visuals too

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  • Avatar spn_maz What sort of transparent materials can I use for printing photos on?
    Aug 06, 2011 by spn_maz | Posted in Photography

    I am working on a photography project and would really like to print my photos on some sort of transparent material (to fit my concept) - i.e A4 overhead projector sheets- but I am not sure if this will work, is there other materials that I could print on?

    • The name is transparency paper or viewfoil. Just don't forget to print your material using a mirror image so that it will come up right when projected.