Transparent paper formats for all projectors cheap

August 29, 2013 – 00:37

APLI 01229 Discover our range of all types for transparent paper inkjet or laser printers for use with an overhead projectorFOLEX 64900 .

APLI 01229 - Transparent Inkjet A4 100M, 50 Sheets Transparent Inkjet A4 100M

€ 29.06 TTC
€ 24.30 HT


FOLEX 64900 - Box of 100 Transparencies Copier Black & White X-104

Box 100 Transparencies Copier Black & White

25, 00 €
€ 20.90 HT


FOLEX 64907 - Box of 100 Transparencies Laser Black & White BG-64

Box 100 Transparencies Laser Black & White

€ 29.78 TTC
€ 24.90 HT


FOLEX 64910 - Box of 50 Inkjet Transparencies Foljet ARF

Box of 50 Inkjet Transparencies

€ 35.76 TTC
€ 29.90 HT


FOLEX 65238 - Box of 50 Color Laser Transparencies BG-71

Box of 50 Color Laser Transparencies

€ 26.19 TTC
€ 21.90 HT


HP C2936A - Transparent A4 Colour Laser B/50 Leaves

Transparent A4 Colour Laser B/50 Leaves

€ 41.26 TTC
€ 34.50 HT


FOLEX 64907 FOLEX 64910 FOLEX 65238 HP C2936A


ACCO Brands Apollo Write-On Transparency Film, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Clear, 100 Sheets per Box (VWO100C-BE)
Office Product (ACCO Brands)
  • Write-on transparency sheets
  • For use with transparency marking pens
  • Not for use in any printer or copier
  • Great for last-minute visuals and working examples
  • Box of 100 clear sheets

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Hahahaha...did you call me a cheap bastard

On line for everyone to see?...i cant deny it...i am indeed a cheap true uri fashion i started with the cheapest projector returning each one till i reached the $200 range...the miror driven photo projectors suck...ultimately i found the overhead projectors we used in school to provide the best results but you have to use transparent transfer paper or plastic sheets requiring time to trace imagery...after trial error trial error i realized i was just crippling myself with a technological mirage once again...dont let technology make you stupid...just fuckin draw like an artist.

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3M Commercial Ofc Sup Div 3M AF4300 Write-On Overhead Projector Transparency Film, Letter Size, Clear (Box of 100)
Kitchen (3M Commercial Ofc Sup Div)
  • Write or draw directly on film using transparency or china markers
  • Ideal for last-minute visuals
  • Create and present crisp charts and graphs
  • Not for use in printers or copiers
  • Clear; Width: 8 1/2 ; Height: 11
Expo Vis-A-Vis Wet Erase Markers, 8 Colored Markers (16078)
Office Product (0)
  • Wet Erase markers for overhead projector transparencies and all other types of films, acetates, and laminated calendars
  • Won t fade or bubble under intense heat
  • Durable fine point tip produces thinner, detailed lines
  • Erases with a damp cloth
  • 8 Pack of Markers includes 1 each of Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple and Brown
Dry-Lam Dry-Lam Overhead Projector Accessories - Write-On Film, 100 Sheets
Art and Craft Supply (Dry-Lam)
School Smart School Smart Medium Weight Write-On Transparency Film - 8 1/2 x 11 - Pack of 100
Office Product (School Smart)
  • Sold as a Box of 100 sheets
  • Can be written on, wiped clean and reused multiple times
  • Compatible with most dry and wet erase markers
  • Great for stacking multiple graphs to show changes over time
  • Ideal for last minute slides and presentations

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