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The Visualiser in Primary Education

March 17, 2010 – 00:00


The Visualiser easier to project in class in many ways. The opportunities it offers, are much more flexible, attractive and diverse than an overhead projector.

Who does not know: DIY or folding instructions as to demonstrate that all students participate at the same time or can all see everything, almost bordering on the impossible. The Visualiser is now easy: By projecting on the classroom wall all the children can see what comes next step craft exactly where fold line which needs to be and how even the smallest craft project must look like in the end. In art class templates of artists can be shown to all children from books and highlighted by the high zoom factor of the device even in the smallest detail.

The visualiser in the classroom

Objects visible for all
It often happens that students of social studies and exhibits to bring their own and want to show it. If it is something fragile, there is always the risk that it comes to accidentally damage. The Visualiser this does not happen, because by its gooseneck function can be shown an object from all sides, without having to go through many hands. If necessary, it can be illuminated even by switching the LED lamp.

Perfect Presentations
A practical example: My students had the task to describe in a short text and a dog on the same sheet to make a drawing. The presentation of the visualiser was perfect. Because the children were able to present their picture and speak at the same time about their topic - and have seen it all!

To share content
In mathematics teaching math pages from the book can be discussed on the basis of epidiascope function optimally. The children look forward, the teacher book is below the camera - so there is no need also the problem that students have forgotten their books. Often it also happens that you find a better or more revealing statement in a foreign textbook, as in the school's own. The Visualiser then save copying costs.

Project instead of copying
Exercises can also be projected directly from the book against the wall, so that the children can write and calculate in their notebooks. This is also true for texts or poems in German class.

Teaching is an experience
The geometry teaching was through the use of the Visualiser for the children had fun. On the subject of "Building with geometric shapes" they could show their structures over the visualiser and pre-let or rebuild. The topic of "page views" was the gooseneck feature an experience: Each side of the building could be zoomed, and the pupils had to guess to which side it was.

Homework control

The homework control, especially in math class is a highlight of the visualiser. All children want to present their homework on the visualiser. Especially when it comes to geometric problems, the visualiser proved to be optimal presentation device. A child's drawing or template from the book will be projected on the wall, and everyone can compare whether their design looks as well. That does not mean to put the homework control completely in the hands of the Visualiser, but makes it easier on many days the work enormously, because do not want to know all the students at the same time by the teacher if their drawing is correct, but control yourself.

Source: www.lehrer-online.de

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