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An overhead projector in operation

The overhead projector is a device capable of projecting images enlarged text (or pictures) on the screen , or on a wall. These images are taken from objects printed on sheets of transparent plastic, popularly known as acetates or transparencies.

[ editar ] Working Principle [ edit ]

Its operation is based on emitting a beam of light , emitted by a lamp , which traverses the transparent sheet which contains text, also placed on a transparent surface. This surface consists of a lens - - Fresnel lenses - which concentrates the light emitted by the lamp in order to increase the brightness of projected on the screen.

The beam of light refracted through the blade into a converging lens combining a real image of the object (text). As this light beam is intercepted by a mirror plane disposed just above the lens, this becomes a real virtual object to the mirror plane. This, in turn, combines a real image on the screen and expanded this virtual object.

This feature is often used in classrooms, auditoriums and conference business. Advantages: replace efficiently the blackboard, transparencies are lightweight and easy to transport, its operation is relatively simple, although it must obey some basic principles. The presenter should be facing the audience. The room can be fully lit, with no need to turn out the lights. The text should be partially covered, being unveiled as the exposure is being made. Parts of the text or figures can be indicated directly on transparency, with the use of an object such as a pencil, no need to look at the display screen. It is indicated resource especially for presentation and discussion of longer texts, unfit for Power Point presentation. Their use has decreased due to the increasing use of multimedia projectors, which allow connection to computer or video device.

Source: pt.wikipedia.org

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Hahahaha...did you call me a cheap bastard

On line for everyone to see?...i cant deny it...i am indeed a cheap bastard...in true uri fashion i started with the cheapest projector returning each one till i reached the $200 range...the miror driven photo projectors suck...ultimately i found the overhead projectors we used in school to provide the best results but you have to use transparent transfer paper or plastic sheets requiring time to trace imagery...after trial error trial error i realized i was just crippling myself with a technological mirage once again...dont let technology make you stupid...just fuckin draw like an artist.

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  • Avatar spn_maz What sort of transparent materials can I use for printing photos on?
    Aug 06, 2011 by spn_maz | Posted in Photography

    I am working on a photography project and would really like to print my photos on some sort of transparent material (to fit my concept) - i.e A4 overhead projector sheets- but I am not sure if this will work, is there other materials that I could print on?

    • The name is transparency paper or viewfoil. Just don't forget to print your material using a mirror image so that it will come up right when projected.

  • Avatar Donnie L How can i print a picture onto a transparent sheet for overhead projectors?
    Nov 19, 2009 by Donnie L | Posted in Printers

    Ive got to present a magazine pitch to my COM class and i figured if i created a cover for the magazine it'd win some extra points. the problem is we only have an overhead projector to use. the professor supplied us with transparent sheets so im wondering if its possible to use a regular printer to print onto the transparent sheet. helpppp please!

    • Wow! Dark ages!

      Ask your professor for a slate.

      Or maybe papyrus.