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August 29, 2013 – 10:11

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Holiday Inn Andorra rooms for events and meetings The Conference Centre is located on the 1st floor and has 13 meeting rooms for foreign and private celebrations with a maximum capacity of 700 Delegates. The rooms are Equipped with podium, lectern, microphones, VCR, overhead projector projector/35 mm, remote control, screens, TV monitor, LCD screen for overhead, sound equipment, back projection capability, 3-panel video projection, built-in sound system, teleconferencing / video conferencing capability, mobile / cordless phones available, adjustable lighting and temperature controlled air conditioning in all rooms. On request: stage lights, simultaneous translation equipment, speaker phones, enhanced staging capabilities. The Meeting support services provide: Secretarial assistance, 24 hour fax capability, service travel arrangements, assistance with entertainment arrangements. On request: Personal secretary, PC / printers available, translation service available, etc..

Number of meeting rooms: 1

Meeting Space Area: 46.4 m2

Number Of Sales And Meeting Professionals On-Site: 11

Capacity of Largest Room: 700

Measurement of Largest Room Height: 200.0 M

Length: 200.0 M

Width: 600.0 M

Measurement of Smallest Room Height: 3.0 M

Length: 9.0 M

Width: 7.0 M

Exhibit Space Available Total Area Of Exhibit Space: 700 m2

Number of booths 8'' x 10'' 9


Cable Modem

DVD player

Flip Chart and Markers

LCD Projector



Modem Lines



Source: www.ihg.com

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Overhead projector

I have a Sony OH projector and would like to view images from software on my system. I have an S-video cable as well as all the other cables. Checked the manual but it is just not clear as to the hook-up.
Any suggestions as to how I would do it?
The OH projector model is VPL-VW10HT. It's a great unit but I can't get it to display from a Sont PC. It will work from a laptop.

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.. corporate purposes, which may include, among other things, increasing its working capital, financing of ongoing operating expenses and overhead, and funding of capital expenditures, such as the continued development of solutions for the multimedia ..

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Customers can get manufacturers' rebates for bringing in refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The rebates are an incentive .. Even some old overhead projectors found a new lease on life in classrooms in Haiti.

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How to connect my PC to TV
Incredisonic IncrediSonic VUE Series Pico Mini Projector PMJ-400 HDMI 3D Ready 400 Lumen, W/built-in Media Player, Portable Lightweight ~ Personal Presentation & Home Theater/Gaming Entertainment System ~
CE (Incredisonic)
  • Portable at less than a pound in weight, Vue Series PMJ-400 Projector fits nicely in laptop case
  • Connect Media via HDMI, VGA, TF Card Reader (32GB microSD Max) and/or a USB 2.0 reader
  • For Business Presentations & Personal Media Sharing, USB Plug n Play instant set up; Apple Mac and PC Compatible
  • Up to 120-Inch image (in low-light condition) Impressive 3D HD Ready Technology with a unique 2D to 3D conversion
  • 400 Lumens, Built-in Speaker, Auto Keystone technology automatically turns the image into a perfect square, no adjustment needed. • One Year Manufacturer Warranty...

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  • Avatar Mommy of 2) Where can I find a projector for rent for my project? Not a movie projector.?
    Jul 17, 2008 by Mommy of 2) | Posted in Painting

    Like the ones they use in school that you put an image on and it shows it on the wall. NOT A MOVIE PROJECTOR. You think a library might have one??
    I want to paint a mural on my sons wall. I have found murals you can buy online and the one I like is 700 dollers. I printed in on a transparancy and tried to use a a lamp but that doesn't work..

    • You might be able to rent one from a business center. I have rented them for hotel conferences many years ago.
      Another option is to enlarge the image you have using the grid system. Draw grid lines in the original …transfer the image, drawing the shapes in each square. For example a 1/2 inch square on the orignal, would be a 6 inch square on the wall. That's the way a professional muralist would do it. That's the way I would do it.