Clear sheets for overhead Projectors

Eight questions on the use of projection

August 29, 2013 – 00:46

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Eight questions on the use of projection

Dr. CM Ardanza Placido Zulueta 1


  • How can you define the retrotransparencias?
  • The transparent sheets retrotransparencias are used for projection using the computer called overhead (overhead projector of whites).

    Most used blades are flat and are cellulose acetate, appearing in single sheets. Some are to be drawn with markers only (permanent or not) and other so-called sensitive to be used with copiers. In recent years there are other retrotransparencias to be printed directly "color or black and white" in laser printers or inkjet (deskjet).

    The size of the sheets is adapted to the projector screen, and is generally 26 cm long by 26 cm wide and 100 microns thick.

    Other forms of presentation, for example, X-rays discolored by chemical processes, and the use of rolls of acetate.

  • Why is it so used the overhead projector in Medical Education?
  • The overhead for its great versatility is one of the most widely used media in medical education, occupies a prominent place among the visual media. Is the ideal medium for the presentation of text and diagrams.

    Its high light intensity to project bright, clear images without having to darken the classroom or local.

    Referring to this aspect must establish the differences between a retrotransparencia magnification and 35mm slide. It is noted that in the first, the image is magnified about 25 times, while the projection of a slide image is enlarged about 450 times, which requires a higher concentration of light intensity on the image, this requires the classroom or local dimming projection. A retrotransparencia is 65 times larger than a slide, so it provides greater clarity in its projection.

    The teacher completely controls the equipment and teaching materials; choose the times you will be the projection and choose when, how and what to display.

    When using the projector the teacher can and must be kept in front of the auditorium, which allows direct observation of their actions and reactions. Allows dosing information in accordance with the needs of the content to be taught and the specific objectives proposed for the teaching profession.

  • Why when it comes to the use and care of the overhead, you are given so much attention to the care of the lamp in the team • What is the function of the fan?
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    Advice Needed for Projector

    Hi - I need some advice. I have an exhibition coming up & I need to project a video animation. I need to use a multi-media projector, but can not afford to buy a new one (& rentals for 1 month are extremely expensive). Does anyone have any ideas of where I can find a great deal or any other alternative for getting this type of equipment for a reasonable price???? Thanks.

    Wireless and interactive: FUSD goes high-tech  — Arizona Daily Sun
    “There is something to be said about pencil and paper and books,” Vogler said. “But our world is being .. Document cameras have taken the place of overhead projectors but are more interactive and can display information from books.

    A lesson in learning  —
    “The overhead will save them a lot of time because they can reuse their sheets, all their material, once they write it down.” Hope 2 Others is currently seeking donations of projectors and other school supplies to send to Tanzania.

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    • Avatar AnnG How do you work on old fashion overhead projector?
      Sep 07, 2007 by AnnG | Posted in Other - Electronics

      I picked up an old fashion 3M overhead projector at an auction. I would like to show some of my old family photos on the wall with it at a family reunion as well as some old childhood drawings on construction paper that are done with crayon. Can you tell me how to run this machine so it shows up on a wall. Thanks!!

      • Those old fashioned projectors worked with "transparencies" placed on the base (where the light shines up from) ... it cannot work with "solid" objects since the light cannot shine THROUGH them to be reflected / projected. (All you'll see is the shape / shadow of the object that's blocking the projector's light)

    • Avatar Hikari What type of projector is this?
      May 09, 2011 by Hikari | Posted in Other - Electronics

      My university has it to use for some professors. It looks like a white version of an overhead projector. But, instead of clear transparency sheets and such, a professor writes on a sheet of paper and the projector-projec …a that shows up on a LCD screen electronically. Nothing actually 'projects' with light. It's like if you hooked up a laptop to a presentation screen to view a powerpoint.

      What's the name of this contraption?

      • It is called a document camera. Elmo is the major brand name. It is pretty simple - on the top of the neck is a color video camera pointed down at the base. The camera outputs video to the projector.