FIFA World Cup with Christie

August 29, 2013 – 00:36

Gearhouse SA with Christie projectors from E / T / C on the closing ceremony of the World Cup.

Gearhouse South Africa was commissioned by the producers of the opening ceremony,the VWV Group to provide a complete technology for the fantastic World Cup Closing Ceremony 2010.It contained,among other things,the mounting and power,the sound,the lighting and large format projection.Here,the dynamics,skills and services of most companies in the Gearhouse Group were used.

In terms of projection is turned to the French company E / T / C, which provided all the hardware and control solutions.There were 18 Christie Roadster HD18K installed,which helped to provide a thirty-minute,visually stunning show to his feet at the Soccer City stadium in Soweto. These projectors were considered to be the best device for this purpose because they offered the best results in brightness and resolution with their combination of 16:9 and a light output of 18, 000 lumens.

The event took place just before the final,in which Spain won 1-0 against Holland and so for the first time world champion. The closing ceremony reflected the vibrancy,energy and the colorful diversity again that have shaped one of the most successful football World Cup of all time .The show had 700 people,in addition to 35 artists who participated as a headliner were also 40 people who acted as a "puppeteer" and the life-size elephant puppets come alive.

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The British specialist in large format projections Ross Ashton was commissioned to assist in the coordination of the impressive projection on the football field. He worked closely with I / T / C Paris,which are the most prominent experts in this kind of world projections.

The team at E / T / C Paris was directed by Patrice Bouqueniaux. Monumental projections were used for this event in South Africa for the first time.

The impressive 55 sqm projections that were seen in the middle of the field were using roadster produced HD18K projectors were mounted on two platforms,which were located on the east side and the (long) west side of the Soccer City Stadium.The projectors were installed in six groups of three and were able to cover the entire football field,which was divided into six areas.

The video content for the event were produced by VWV, the company commissioned the Ministry of illusion from Johannesburg with the design of animations.Each projector is supplied with its own video signals.The deviations with respect to the optical centers of the projectors were compensated using keystone correction.

The high-performance,PC-based Onlyview system of E / T / C was used by Yan Kaimakis for control,programmed and operated. Onlyview These 18 active servers were used (per device server).There were also more than 18 hot backups,and the data were spread over a double fiber network system - which is essential in such an important,unique event.This was designed by Chris Grandin from Gearhouse and Dave Black.



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