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Start: I design effective transparent

Despite the presence of digital visual aids,
conventional overhead is still a widely used visual aids in schools.

Before the presentation

Ensure that the bulb of the device is not grilled.

Make sure that your slides are numbered in order of presentation, and a blank sheet is inserted between each transparency in order to see their content and they do not stick to each other.

If you want a comrade up your transparencies on the overhead projector, make signals, and practice.

Cleaning the glass projection needed. A beautiful transparent glass on a dirty loses much of its effect.

Close your curtains need to project a sharper image, but remember that you should not be "in the dark".

Note: A tablet projection (also called liquid crystal tablet, electronic acetate) can be installed on a conventional overhead projector. This device in the form of tablet, for projecting onto a screen or a wall of data or images from a computer.

During the presentation

Make sure that the transparency is placed on the overhead projector you quickly turning towards the screen.

Leave a transparent on the device so that the projected light does not bother the public.

Do not spend your time to open and close the projector. Closes the device, which generates a noise if you plan not to use it for a while

From time to time, to attract the attention of your classmates:

  • advanced an important element of transparency with a sharp pencil or other sharp object;
  • write a word or a circle on the transparent element with a felt pen color;
  • so as not to obstruct a portion of the transparent, uses a wand to show an item on the screen or wall.

When you use the projector, the concentration of your audience is divided. To bring your friends to you, stop spraying and take a step or two towards the support ( Mandel , 1994, p. 48).

At the end of the presentation, the farm equipment background and answer the question from the audience.

Quickly recovers your slides to make room for the next presenter.

Given the size of the screen, the video is suitable for only one class.

It is permanently installed on the upper part of a wall or kept in the Video Library and placed on a cart with wheels that can move from one room to another.

To view a film clip or listen to a television interview recorded on video, etc.., Reserve a TV or computer monitor AND video together.

Do a test first with the remote control or the buttons on the VCR to avoid looking at the audience on the day of the presentation.

Viewing the video before submitting and make sure that the tape is rewound to the exact spot early viewing.

The day of the presentation

Reduces the light in the room where daylight is too intense, both to stay visible and to allow taking notes.

Announces the time that will take the projection in your presentation.

In the end, imitating your teacher by asking: "What are the best ideas you have learned from this video? "Or is for other ways to conclude the presentation .

Note: The VCR (video cassette player) will eventually be replaced by the DVD player.

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“There is something to be said about pencil and paper and books,” Vogler said. “But our world is being .. Document cameras have taken the place of overhead projectors but are more interactive and can display information from books.

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“The overhead will save them a lot of time because they can reuse their sheets, all their material, once they write it down.” Hope 2 Others is currently seeking donations of projectors and other school supplies to send to Tanzania.

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