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Omron Automotive electronics uk ltd

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3M MMM1620 - Model 1620 Overhead Projector
Office Product (3M)

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Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. HoverCam T5 Document Camera (HC-T5)
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I was at a mathematics conference earlier this month where, for the first time, all of the overhead projectors had been replaced with computer projectors and those still using acetate slides had to convert them. That only took about 20 years.

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  • Avatar VicSeecret How to show a home video?
    Nov 31, 2011 by VicSeecret | Posted in Other - Computers

    My daughter is soon to be one and we are planning a 1st birthday party at a hired hall for her.I have created a movie on my computer. I would like to show this video to guests at the party on a large screen (like an overhead projecter) but I have no idea where to start, what equipment for hire etc.

    Can anyone help me?

    thanks in advance.

    • An event center that you rent should have an LCD projector and screen available for patrons to use. You would have to bring your own laptop and hook the projector into the port where you would normally plug your monitor.

      I would phone them and ask if they have a screen/projector for use. If you have not operated this equipment before I am willing to bet that a family member of yours or a party guest has as it is relatively easy.

  • Avatar In my opinion This question is to anyone who has ever started their own venue, restaurant and or bookstore?
    Jun 10, 2009 by In my opinion | Posted in Small Business

    I was at a BBQ this past Saturday and a friend and I had come up with this pipe dream idea of creating a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and bookstore with a stage.

    The menu would be made up of mostly vegetarian …eekend a month we could turn the dance floor/bookstore portion into a gallery where local artists can display their art.

    Holiday parties

    Game nights-
    We could host teen lock-ins they could

    • First I want to say that I love the idea because I am a vegetarian and there aren't many specifically vegetarian restraunts around. As for your ideas, they sound really great but I think that you have too many themes for … and probably scare them away.

      Keeping it more simple and fun will work better. Try doing a different activity on the weekends or a few times a month but keep it pretty simple so you have repeat customers.